Tong Zhao

Tong Zhao

Born and raised in China, studied in Berkeley, worked in SF for Deloitte and Shanghai for Unionpay, started trading business 4 years ago
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Shanghai, China
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Designs Meet Sources

General Manager, Supplier development, Sales @Designs Meet Sources • Co-Founder

We bridge designers with the overseas suppliers


Crealizi • Co-Founder

Help small to medium size organizations to promote their brands

Amazing things Tong's made
When I worked for Unionpay, I opened up Mauritius, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Cuba markets for the company. When I started my own business for international trade and production, we grown from 0 to 2+ million dollars revenue within 2 years with 4 people team.
Roger Meiners recommended Designs Meet Sources where Tong is Co-Founder

The partners who have created Designs Meet Sources are experienced, ethical entrepreneurs who will assist in providing first class products. I have known of the work for two years and am most impressed by the dedication and talent of the founders who have great experience in sourcing quality products and have sold to high-quality clients in the U.S. and other countries. You can trust Designs Meet Sources to assist you in a creative manner with wonderful products.

Cindy Qi recommended Designs Meet Sources where Tong is Co-Founder

Designs Meet Sources is definitely a great website for designers. Being a fashion designer, I often run into the problem of finding the right fabric and trims for my designs. When Tong talked to me about this website that he tried to do, I was so excited to see the launch of the website. Now it's finally here, can't wait to play with it!

Ming Chang recommended Designs Meet Sources where Tong is Co-Founder
Software Engineer, Altera

Tong is a great friend of mine ever since the college days. He's an extremely hardworking man and a great logical thinker, and I think he's on the path to opening a great business. I also think that being a platform to bridge the disconnect between fashion brands and fabric manufacturers is a real need. Fashion brands often have trouble buying from Alibaba sources due to minimum order sizes and messy presentation, while manufacturers often don't understand that fashion brands want high-res photos of wide selections of fabrics, often in small order sizes as samples. Tong understands both sides very well and his platform can help fashion brands source fabrics with no hassle, while presenting manufacturer fabrics in the way that fashion brands would expect.