TRINITY OPEN CALL - Application procedure

Welcome! This is the online submission form for the TRINITY 2nd Open Call. ABOUT THE CALL: The call opened on 14 February and has a total funding amount of €3,600,000. Through the call, SME led consortia of 2-3 partners will be able to get technical support and funding of up to €200,000 (maximum funding rate 70%). The aim is to develop demonstrators of 10 months using robotics, IoT and cybersecurity solutions to facilitate agile production in European companies The application form has the following mandatory sections: 1. PROFILE 2. DEMONSTRATION & TECHNOLOGY 3. CONSORTIUM 4. BUDGET 5. ETHICS IMPORTANT: Before applying please download all the required and supportive documents from the project website More information: You must read the TRINITY Guidelines for Applicants to understand if your company or consortium you are planning to build is eligible. For any questions on the call please contact or post a question in "discussion" below. Kindly note, that failure to provide the required information in all sections will result in disqualification. NOTE: All data provided via this form will be accessed exclusively by the TRINITY Consortium. No data will be published without your explicit consent.




The TRINITY Open Call requires building a Consortium. Please read carefully the following reminders of eligible Consortium rules. The best of the best consortia consists of tech adopters, tech providers, and Competence Centers. A Consortium that does not meet the following requirements will be automatically rejected from the TRINITY 2nd Open Call: 1. All Consortium partners are legal entities established and based in one of the EU Member States or an H2020 Associated country as defined in H2020 rules for participation 1 . 2. The Consortium can only be led by SME or slightly bigger company. 3. The Consortium must include partners from at least two different countries. 4. The Consortium must include at least two partners. (max. three) “SMEs or slightly bigger” is defined by extending the current European Commission definition of SME to increase the Employee Threshold up to 500 and the Turnover up to €100M.

Partner #1


Partner #3

If your Consortium does not have a 3rd partner, please indicate N/A in the following questions of this section 'Partner #3'.

Previous H2020 funding


Please note the following financial eligibility criteria apply: 1.The TRINITY funding per experiment may vary from €50.000 to €200.000. 2. The maximum amount of TRINITY funding is EUR 300.000 per the third party for the entire TRINITY action duration. So total funding from open call 1 and open call 2 may not exceed €300.000 for a single applicant. 3. The maximum funding rate is 70% of eligible total costs. 4. The total funding of the non-SME (or slightly bigger) partner cannot exceed 40% of the entire experiment budget.


Please declare that the project proposal meets the ethics requirements of H2020, and that, if funded, the project will continue to be compliant during its execution. Ethical Analysis and Statement for Code of Conduct • All demonstration projects are expected to follow Ethical Guidelines defined by the European Commission. If you are using humans as test subjects please state that you are only using legal age persons, who can withdraw from the study at any point of time, and you are collecting a signed participant consent form (TRINITY will provide a template in a case of need). • Append the self-assessment form if such assessment is deemed necessary. • You are following the GDPR rules in case of collecting data from feasibility studies involving human subjects. • Please state what code of conduct you are following.


You can download all relevant documents