Truth Oladapo

Truth Oladapo

Focused problem solver with a firm character, indomitable spirit and a passion for long-term goals. I strive for excellence & enjoy travel.
Sales/Bus Dev • General Business
New York City, US
  • Agile Project Management
  • Business Development
  • Collaborative Problem Solving
  • Communications Strategy
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Customer Focus
  • Financial Management
  • Innovative Thinking
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Product Management
  • Project Planning
  • Python
  • Sales Growth
  • Sales Management
  • Scrum
  • Self-confidence
  • Software Engineering
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Writing Skills

CEO @Vacayo • Co-Founder

Tech-driven vacation rental management company (i.e. Wework for travel)

Amazing things Truth's made
As a kid who wanted to be an engineer at a very young age and grew up to be trained as an engineer, I have built many things both software and hardware. One of the amazing things I have built is bamboo bikes, while at Columbia engineering. The bamboo bike project was great because it was both intellectually stimulating to work on and altruistic since the bike were built to be donated (to Ghana). Though the project relied on the previous success in the fabrication of bamboo bicycles, we made a critical improvement to the process. Thus besides helping those in the need, the machine we build to heat treat the bamboo was compact and produced a unique design which added to the school patent portfolio.
Gary Rosenberg recommended Vacayo where Truth is Co-Founder

Gary Rosenberg, Chairman, Rosenberg & Estis, P.C.
I’ve known Truth for close to ten years, and have watched him grow from a recent college grad and Wall Street analyst into a full-fledged entrepreneur and, more recently, a father. He’s a close friend of my son, Adam, and his family and ours get together often.
I’m always fascinated to hear about Truth’s work with Vacayo, and how he has used his determination to grow the business from a tiny operation into something much bigger and impactful. Not only is he very open-minded, he as a high aptitude and has deftly navigated many setbacks while growing his business. He views each challenge—even some that seem insurmountable like new regulations—as opportunities to refine his model and improve his service.
His vision for the company has expanded as well, and it’s clear to me that he has the grit, knowledge, and maturity needed to build a successful company.

Erica Kassman recommended Vacayo where Truth is Co-Founder
Secondee in Equity Capital Markets, Bank of America

I've known Truth for nearly a decade. From our time cooking meals together for the French Cultural Society at Columbia University to discussing financial institutions, startups and travel, I've known Truth to be a caring and loyal friend, a hard worker with an entrepreneurial spirit looking to solve problems, and a knowledgeable, well-round person. He is passionate about his friends, his family and his ideas. His dedication to Vacayo is tireless as he seeks to grow the company, expand product offerings and know the areas to provide better service.

Justin Chow recommended Vacayo where Truth is Co-Founder

Justin Chow, Engineer, Toyota
Truth and I became friends my first year at Columbia University. As an upperclassmen, he was an incredible mentor to look up to both as a good character and as a professional. He has always shown solid judgement, keen analytical approach to problems, and ability to connect the dots no matter the challenge. I'll never forget the engineering experiences and knowledge he shared with me that will serve as a concrete foundation to bolster Vacayo.

When you work with Truth you will immediately recognize his vision. He has never failed to impress me with his acumen with planning for the future and following through so that he achieves his goals. He always moves forward. Undoubtedly, his partnership with isabel will fortify this strength because she too shares his resolute drive for success.

I highly recommend Vacayo.

Eric Rechtschaffen recommended Vacayo where Truth is Co-Founder

Isabel has been a close friend for over a decade now, though we met, surprising, through a chance encounter. I’ve seen her transform from a wide-eyed and outspoken student into a driven and focused entrepreneur and mother of two. While she’s worked on other businesses in the past, Vacayo stands out as a timely product into which she has sunk countless hours of research and development.  

Isabel takes a creative approach to business, and has identified a specialized yet scalable niche for Vacayo within the vacation rental market. Together with her partner, Truth, they built their business by bootstrapping and slowly growing their customer base across five cities.  Isabel’s grit and ability to persevere through these challenges is the reason I’m considering investing in their company, though I typically shy away from working with friends.  I have no doubt that with added resources and capital, Vacayo will be a big success.

JACK KEIGWIN recommended Vacayo where Truth is Co-Founder

JACK KEIGWIN (business owner, professor, Academic Boards)
Truth has proven to be a sharp, decisive and determined person. His engineering background helped shape his pragmatic, methodical approach to solving problems. Notably, I have always known him to be an optimistic, can-do individual with the ability to mobilize people.
He was quick to see the complimentary opportunity to piggy back on the home-share market with the all important important management side.
Despite facing a ton of skepticism, he soldiered on in building Vacayo by connecting with landlords. He is a person who seldom accept "NO" and thrives under intense pressure. I've
witnessed the challenges he has experiences in his business, and have stood in awe of what he and his co-founder have managed to accomplish (50 listings, operational in 5 cities, with 1 million plus in revenue). I have little doubt that he would be a tremendous addition to your program. With the right funding package, VACAYO could be unstoppable.

Robert Hochberg recommended Vacayo where Truth is Co-Founder

I have known Isabel her entire life. I am impressed by how she has matured into a thoughtful, determined and focused young woman. Over the years, she has consulted with me on different projects, including a prior venture named Babigo, as well as her current company. It became apparent in our meetings that Isabel is intensely passionate about the travel sharing economy and has carved out a unique space within it for Vacayo. She has persevered in finding product market fit and becoming an expert in her industry. I have full confidence that Isabel has the grit and character to steer Vacayo in the right direction, and that any accelerator program would be lucky to have her on board.

Al Asante recommended Vacayo where Truth is Co-Founder

Truth and I met during our first year at Columbia University. Truth's even-tempered personality made him very approachable and easy to talk to. Some things that were immediately noticeable about Truth were his strong work ethic, uncanny analytical skills, and his never-quit attitude even towards the most difficult of challenges. As an individual, Truth's compassion and desire to learn about those around him have been amongst the key factors towards enabling our bond strengthen over the years. I am honored and privileged to recommend Truth and Vacayo because I have never met anyone who shows more grit, tenacity and ambition to succeed than him. I am confident that with a little extra guidance and mentoring, Vacayo will be strongly positioned to be an incredibly successful company.

Olof Matti recommended Vacayo where Truth is Co-Founder

Vacayo is a textbook example of how to use a lean startup approach. With just the two founders at the rudder, they started by managing a single spare-bedroom, found a product-market fit, and expanded to the some 65 locations they have today.

I've known Truth since college where we played rugby together. He was a great teammate; humble, hard working and hard hitting. Their success is no surprise. Truth and Isabel are both die-hard entrepreneurs and they have the grit to prove it. On a daily basis they juggle picking up their two kids from daycare (the whole parent thing), fielding calls with potential customers, sales reps and on-site crews all over the U.S., while pulling all-nighters managing developers and customer service partners in Asia.

The opportunity in the underserved group-travel segment that they have identified is huge. With some additional resources and solid support network, there's no limit to how big Vacayo can become in this very fragmented (and world-wide) market.