Tomislav Šimpović

Tomislav Šimpović

Digital news media innovator & entrepreneur with focus on local journalism business models solutions
Marketing • General Business
Zagreb, Croatia
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CEO @Colombio • Co-Founder

Digital news publishing platform for local news media publishers


CEO @#Channels • Co-Founder

Digital news publishing platform for local reporters

Amazing things Tomislav's made
Digital news #media innovator and entrepreneur with focus on local and hyperlocal journalism business models.

Experienced in developing local news business models on different and cross-platforms (online, print, TV, teletext) for over decade, founder of very successful local news media, and during carrier have been working in all parts of process of news production.

Successful local news publisher, challenging status quo in public informing on hyperlocal level, which is stuck between social media role in community informing, which is still missing valid models for quality informing of hyperlocal communities and lack business model in it, and lack of resources and business model in traditional local news media to expand informing on hyperlocal level and properly serve communities with information that impact community life.