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Tuomas Varesvuo

Hardcore game industry novice with passion for brand & IP creation and mobile eSports.
General Business • General Engineer
Helsinki, Finland
  • Agile Project Management
  • Backend
  • Brand Development
  • Business
  • Business Development
  • Business Management
  • DevOps
  • Engineering
  • Game Design
  • Game Development
  • Gaming Industry
  • Intellectual Property
  • Mobile Games
  • Operations
  • Project Execution
  • Project Planning
  • Start-ups
  • Team Building
  • Team Leadership
  • Team Management
  • Video Games

Objective-V • Co-Founder

CEO @Action-Reaction Games • Co-Founder

Mobile game company focusing on multiplayer gaming and brand & IP creation.

Amazing things Tuomas's made
Tuomas Varesvuo (BEc) established his first tech start-up Objective-V Ltd. during his senior year in Business University. Tuomas envisioned a professional networking app, Frend, that was described as ”Shazam for networking” in the spirit of music discovery application Shazam. With the same approach, Frend, connected individuals at close proximity throughout their entire social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) with only one tap of a button. Tuomas built the team and raised 50K€ in grant- and FFF funding. He has also worked in a distant prototyping team for San Fransico based accelerator called Founders Dojo.

As a hobby, Tuomas has also been a brand manager for 5 years. He has been part of creating one of Finland’s top talent and one of the most recognizable personal brands. His sole client has worked on Hollywood productions films and is signed to two Los Angeles based talent and brand agencies. He also negotiated a partnership with one of the top brand agencies in Finland.

Estonian Business School

Graduated 2014