Yes, I'm ready to apply for The Gauntlet.

Thank you for your interest in Tech Wildcatters! This year, startups are eligible to receive up to $130k in funding from us. To get that, you must hit data-driven milestones and live with ambition. If you're ready to show us what you've got, tell us why. Our application process: 1) Complete the initial form. 2) We'll review and send any follow-up questions we may have. 3) If you are accepted into finals, you'll receive an invite to Dallas within a couple of weeks of the application deadline. 4) If you are accepted into the class, your work in the Gauntlet (which can be done remotely) begins approximately four weeks after finals. Clearly, we move quickly. That's out of respect for your time, the life that is startup and everyone's desire to move smart. ________________ At this time, we're accepting applications for these entry points: -- October 13th, 2016: Deadline is August 17th, 2016 -- February 6th, 2017: Deadline is December 12th, 2016 -- May 1st, 2017: Deadline is March 6th, 2017 -- August 7th, 2017: Deadline is June 12th, 2017 -- November 6th, 2017: Deadline is September 11th, 2017