Emilie Carvette
Emilie Carvette CEO I'm a passionate first time, early stage entrepreneur, mom to 2 boys, former retail buyer and MBA grad. I like to play tennis and read.


To Whom It May Concern:

Among the hundreds of founders I work with every year, Emilie stands out as one of the most adaptable, committed, and persuasive founders I’ve come across.

I’ve had the opportunity to sit-in on customer and recruiting calls, as well as hear her motivate her team to execute under tight timelines. Even in scenarios she is inexperienced she embodies patience, thoughtfulness, and ultimately an ability to win — whether she’s facing a vendor negotiation or an investor’s skepticism.

She’s a winner and an entrepreneur to watch. I strongly recommend her and can attest to how much she will contribute and grow from her interactions with other entrepreneurial and technical professionals. I estimate that even in the face of a difficult market, she has a strong likelihood of achieving a successful outcome.

Meaghan Barbin
Startup Partner Lead @ Stripe