- Young
-Black &
- Female

You have

- No connections
- A kick Ass Idea &
- No "Off" switch

We help women like you become tech founders by providing actionable tips YOU can use to build YOUR billion dollar tech company.

Our model is simple:

inspirational leaders from tech/business and entertainment ADD


great questioning YOU GET

a road map for success targeted towards black women across the globe.

We tell amazing stories

Focus on developing the "entrepreneurial" mindset,

Provide tools to manage the emotional ups and downs of business ownership

As well as building a supportive and affirming community

Are you ready?

Then Give Two Weeks Notice...

- Young
-Black &
- Female

You have

- No connections
- A kick Ass Idea &
- No "Off" switch

We help women like you become tech founders by providing actionable tips YOU can use to build YOUR billion dollar tech company.

Our model is simple:

inspirational leaders from tech/business and entertainment ADD


great questioning YOU GET

a road map for success targeted towards black women across the globe.

We tell amazing stories

Focus on developing the "entrepreneurial" mindset,

Provide tools to manage the emotional ups and downs of business ownership

As well as building a supportive and affirming community

Are you ready?

Then Give Two Weeks Notice
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Soraya Denis Volcy


Nana Evans

Fund this project its needed!

Lauren Dillard

I recommend this initiative because it is critically important that we help facilitate technology and entrepreneurial access for all people. Currently, the entrepreneurial and literal capital is controlled by too few. Initiatives like these help ensure better access and the creation of more diverse solutions.

Jaison Oliver Human Capital at EdSpeakers

It sounds like a wonderful company that is very much needed!

Jessica Johnson

Two Weeks Notice fills an special niche, particularly in helping women from the African Diaspora embark on entrepreneurial journeys.

Ivy Munro

Black women in tech need this initiative, finally the gap has been filled. I look forward to seeing you attract the best investment in order for it to grow and thrive.

Shetay Ashford

I believe in this concept because more initiatives like this are needed to uplift women of African descent who have been historically oppressed and marginalized. I commend the founder, Mutale Nknode, for her efforts and I hope she receives the support she needs.

Tyi Joyner

This is the age of information. Creating a conduit for women to have information on how to get started in business is an amazing opportunity. Women are the backbone of our communities and so many have great ideas that need to be fostered. I am ready to give my TWO WEEKS NOTICE!

Michelle Clementine

Hi! Thank you so much for making this program! I've been trying to gather the tools I need to start a business but with no connections or resources, it's been difficult navigating thru these waters. I'm looking forward to getting involved with 2WN and putting to use the knowledge I glean from it. Thanks again!
Michelle Clementine

Simone Ezb

Powerful company creating better opportunities.

Obinna Onungwa CEO & Co-Founder at Heelixx

Yes! Two Weeks Notice rocks :D

Olachi Oleru Co-Founder at Luso Labs

A community of African and African American women is essential to expanding the tech and business world. There is a ton of potential and great ideas out there, and connecting people with different talents and resources is an innovative way to incite diversity. Two Weeks Notice is long overdue!

Tayo Akinyemi Advisor at NAJI

This sounds like a great initiative to level the playing field and enable talented women to take a leap of faith. Hopefully Mutale will inspire many future tech founders to give two weeks notice!

Anie Akpe

Women need support and guidance when starting new ventures. With two week notice, women starting new businesses will now have a resource center to turn to.

Nahliah Webber

Organizations like Two Weeks Notice are necessary to provide education, tools and networks to women of African descent who are often under-served and under-represented in the tech fields. Without coordinated efforts like this the tech community will not be able to meet important 21st century diversity goals.

Antoinette M. Isable-Jones

Helping women of color build brands, wealth and awareness. Need I say more. I recommend Two Weeks Notice.

Michael Partis

Two Week Notice focuses on the key competences necessary for entrepreneurial success: clear vision, a strong network, a compelling narrative, and implementing a process for success. Ending the gender gap in technology and wealth is not only does social good, but adds to a society's human capital. As University of Michigan Professor Scott Page points out, economic development and advance problem-solving relies on diversity, in all forms. Mutale and Two Week Notice has a mission that contribute to that formula for success.

Afia Dawn Opantiri

Because diverse perspectives and resources only improve the industry for all to benefit from.

Wesley Lynch

I had the opportunity to meet and speak with Mutale Nkonde, who is very easy to speak to for hours on end. As a young black woman, I think this is a great initiative to create a space for black women in tech and reach out to other black women interested in joining this field. Please support this cause!

Alvaro Franco

We need more collectives where black women make history!

Keshia Ashe Co-Founder at KLEAT

Because it's not easy starting a company and we need all the support we can get!!

Chowa Nkonde

I can't wait for Two Weeks Notice to decode the start up process. Having the idea is not enough knowing how to execute is key. Mutale is an amazing videographer and community builder and this company is the perfect place for her to combine her talents,

Taleta Richardson

Two Weeks.Notice, is much needed to continue being that voice in the community also nationwide for Empowerment.
The vehicle used will continue to be a catalyst s for social change by the commencement of business development and startups .
I look forward to seeing Explosive Results from Two Weeks Notice.

Basil Smikle

Entrepreneurs, in addition to financial support, need social and political capital. Two Weeks Notice can marry strong firms and leaders with the necessary external supports needed to build capacity. For communities of color in particular and for small firms more broadly, this type of conduit is a lifeline between failure and sustainability.

Maurice Mitchell

This is an exciting and innovative project. Looking forward to it taking off and filling a much needed gap in service to the African continent.

Ricja Rice-Ghyll

An online presence for black founders will be an excellent resource for entrepeneurs. It will diversify the tech business and help the industry grow exponentially.

Charles Nwatu

The ability for African Females to connect with other like minded entrepreneurial individuals is important for the growth of the African economy. What Two Weeks Notice is set forth to provide a community where women can engage and exchange ideas and resources to promote goods and services. I look forward to seeing the maturation of Two Weeks Notice and the great good it will provide many individuals.

Efun Muyiwa

I recommend this channel and the start up created by an amazing woman! It is simply just time for these types of endeavors, commitment and passion. Stay tuned and watch the magic unfold. ...

Melody Cooper

Two Weeks Notice should because there is a significant need to increase the opportunities for positive imagery and social media for women of African descent-long overdue.

Lombe Kasonde-Kambaila

Major challenges that are stopping women of African decent from becoming business leaders is the lack of funding, access to relevant tailored information, and tools for confidence building as well as mentoring.
Two Weeks Notice has an in depth understanding of these issues and an intimate knowledge of what it means to be a business woman of African decent. This organization truly has the power to close the entrepreneurship gap for these women and get them involved in building successful businesses. This also means building economies which in turn gets thousands of families out of poverty. I am inspired by Two Weeks Notice and could not recommend them more. They areally led by a truly awe inspiring woman of African decent.

Sepiso Lungwebungu

Support and check out Two Weeks Notice. Don't forget to recommend!!!!

Simone Possible

Creating spaces where women of colour can achieve in a future proofed way is much needed. TwO Weeks Notice will help fill the gap.

Due Quach

Women-run businesses are the backbone of emerging market economies. Training women to run tech companies will raise the tide for all.

Emily Just

This is not just a creative idea, it's way more than that. It's essential !!! And it should happen as soon as possible!! Just the way there are incredibly talented actors who never get past waiting tables in NYC, there are amazing minds out there - women of color - who would now have access to being recognized . By simply opening this door, this network will provide new ideas, new thoughts, new faces. And at the same time, it can actually act as a vehicle for entrepreneurs. It is very exciting and I cannot wait for it to get started!!!

Kevin Pemberton

Game-changing organizations rewrite traditional playbooks. The stand out! They often create disproportionate value relative to their size and resources. They have big dreams but know how to get things done. Two Weeks Notice embodies this breakaway spirit creatring a road map for success targeting black women across the globe. An online entrepreneurial channel for African female founders is most relevant and urgent in the 21st century. Two Weeks Notice is on a mission to integrate the hard and soft sides of leadership into a powerful formula that makes these entrepreneurial women game-changers. Great things lie ahead.

Rebecca gantcher

Mutale Nkonde has endless vision, the energy, enthusiasm, intelligence, drive and that, "je ne sais pas," to accomplish anything! Support Two Weeks Notice and all of her projects!

Alishia Goodridge

Two Weeks Notice will be the catalyst for entrepreneurs to step out, connect and succeed globally.

Vanessa Vyapooree

Great initiative and idea!! A channel of this nature is more than required to shine the light on black women entrepreneurs and in turn providing a community, support and route to success.

Pamela Jackson

Two Weeks Notice is effectively helping to close the opportunity gap for minority tech founders. Having access to information that leads to game changing achievements is key.

Dani Rodgers

My amazing friend is living her dream and trying to share it with the rest of us, to motivate, challenge, and encourage us .

Dele Smith Executive Coach - American Express Executive Leadership & Coaching Program at National Urban Fellows

Black women are starting businesses faster than most any other subgroup in the U.S. right now. We have the ideas, the drive, the education and the commitment but often lack the resources and support we need to enjoy sustained success. It's (long past) time to change that. That's why I support Two Weeks Notice.

Onyi Nwosu

Please support Two Weeks Notice to help give a voice and chance to women entrepreneurs in the start-up space. It's important to have some fresh stories and ideas come out of underrepresented communities to help make our world a better place.

Ta'Chelle J. Carter

It is a wonderful thing to see my beautiful black sisters doing something of this caliber.

Desmond Myers


Kelechi Anyadiegwu CEO at Zuvaa

Mutale create amazing opportunities for people. She and Two Weeks Notice have already don't so much for my growing startup. I can't wait to see what this company disrupts

Latoya Wilson, MPA

Very necessary so that Black women will have the opportunity of becoming future leaders in the global economy!

Nikiesha Nicholas

I think this entire initiative is dynamics and will allow women of color to pursue their dreams. I applaud you for your dedication, your creativity and ability to put this program into the world and allow black/Latino women to let their light shine. This will change lives forever, keep up the amazing work!

Abi Ishola

Two Weeks Notice offers a service that will undoubtedly help in getting minority women more comfortable and equipped to enter and thrive in the technology space of business. I am exited about what the company will bring to the table. I fully recommend Two Weeks Notice!

Xyvri Bloodworth

Where can I see this? I need to get my hustle on

C. Jamieson

Something like this that is tailored to support women entrepreneurs of the diaspora will be a game changer! I'm excited!

Chanda Louise

Love this platform, much needed, in a space that is rarely ventured. There ar so many Black women in technology!

Dextet Samu

Two Weeks Notice promises to decode the start up process and in doing so giving young dreamers of African descent access to the information they need to build game changing tech companies. Good Luck Misss Nkonde, never stop moving forward.

C. Jamieson

I can't wait to see what Two Weeks Notice will create

Laura LoBianco Sword

Brilliant. Inspired and inspiring.

Caramel Lovell

This a great initiative, please support it for the betterment of the world. Empowering women is essential to mankind.

Nicole Langlaise

Hey Check out Two Weeks Notice. Time to Start up your Start up!! Like, Share & Recommend.

Wezi Sunkutu

We live in an information age and so to survive in it today, you need to become an entrepreneur and you learn this through becoming action oriented and following your dreams. Learning how others did is a powerful way of doing as you are learning from others who walk the talk. Highly recommended platform for networking.