Ubisoft program @Station F is recruiting new startups for the next season!

Extended Reality opens the doors to many exciting opportunities in entertainment. During the second season of our Gaming and Entertainment program, Ubisoft will team up with promising start-ups specialized in Mobile AR. Ubisoft is looking for innovative start-ups who have already created a Mobile AR demo. When reviewing applications, Ubisoft will consider: • The originality of the core experience and its potential to succeed in entertainment • The technology involved • The market potential • The team’s background and experience




Ubisoft & You


You understand that you voluntarily share information on your project and that Ubisoft will not use such information to its benefit without your prior written consent. However, you also understand that Ubisoft may, in the past, in the present or in the future, be developing project(s) that may be similar to your project and understand that your completion of this form shall not affect or limit in any manner Ubisoft’s present or future activities of any nature, including activities that could be competitive with your activities.