Ulisses Augusto Sawczuk da Silva

Ulisses Augusto Sawczuk da Silva

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Byewaste • Employee

Saas to recycle householder's waste, principally textile and e-waste


Alberto A. Altamirano Public Involvement Specialist at Alamo Area Metropolitan Planning Organization recommended Byewaste where Ulisses Augusto is Employee

Byewaste blends current trends of digitalization and sustainability to waste collection and community engagement. I find this to be a relevant topic in terms of sustainability and urban ecosystems. I met Francisco Rivera at the Techstars x Arcadis Demo Day, where I pitched. I have not engaged much with Francisco, but his narrative is impressive, and I believe Byewaste has the potential to impact an industry that is outdated and complex. Wishing Francisco and his team success in the application!

Chris Benson recommended Byewaste where Ulisses Augusto is Employee

I worked with the Byewaste team at the Technical University of Delft from 2017-2019 and they showed two traits that will greatly help them on their Founder's Journey.

1. They are incredibly persistent: While many teams I work with claim 'passion', they have continued working on the problem of electronic waste for nearly 2 years now through many ups and downs. This trait of pushing through tough times because they are determined to solve a problem will be necessary for the years ahead.

2. They love to experiment and learn: Their idea has morphed considerably through many smaller trials, with some of their ideas that I thought were crazy actually working out. They take a methodical approach to start-up development and aren't afraid of data that goes against their initial hypotheses.

Ultimately the team is fun to work with and incredibly coachable, they will make a great fit in an accelerator program.