Undercover Colors is an emerging biotech with miniaturized lateral flow technology. The company's first product is a small medallion to detect the presence of common date rape drugs in drinks....
Undercover Colors is an emerging biotech with miniaturized lateral flow technology. The company's first product is a small medallion to detect the presence of common date rape drugs in drinks.
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Rohit Taneja

Hope it makes to India as well and at an appropriate price.

Katina Denikos

Hurry!!!! My daughter is leaving for college next fall! Such a wonderful idea! simply amazing!


I know 2 men that have been date raped due to this drug and would like to recommend clear so the boys will feel comfortable wearing it!! Please put it on the market NOW!!!

Amy Durkin

Red, Pink& Midnight Blue .... Keeping working on this extraordinary ideas until it is marketed!

Angie Midkiff

This is going to help so many people and hope that it comes up on the market soon. Maybe a clear top coat that turns into black or red would be good? Since there are too many nail polish colors to make it would help accommodate everybody's preferences.

Emily Satterfield

This is an amazing idea! Hope to see it on the market very soon. Nudes, earth tones, and reds would be amazing :)

Brigitte Kozena CEO at VisionLabs

This is a great idea! Looking forward to seeing it on the market. Nude, neutrals and dark red please!!! :)

Nastassia Kowalczyk

Nudes, greys, and neutral colors would be great.

Autumn Jordan-McDonald

Would totally suport this 100% great idea where and when can i but it?

Ssgzenobia Strickland

great idea where I can buy it ,

Katheryn Roberts

If a nail Polish like this does get released to the public it will be easier for females to prevent date rape from happening.

Kennedy Bunch

Purple to red

George Paul

This could benefit so many people! Why isn't it available yet?!

Maryssa Hope

Great idea! Saves lives and it's cute to wear!

Paula Popoire Gomes

If and when the nail polish is available for consumers I hope it glows in the dark since in most night clubs there's not much light 😋

Tracey Doan

I prefer to wear a clear color on my nails. If it were to change to ANY other color than clesr that would be fantastic.

Michelle Jaquess-Causey

What an awesome invention, as a nurse i can only say, you have no idea just how many peoples lives you have changed and protected thanjs to this incredibly genious idea! Thank You!

Tara Lynn Scheidet

When and where will this product be available? As an emergency advocate for victims of sexual assault this product could save many women from repetitive offenders! Unfortunately most women are raped by someone they know and trust so remember don't be shy to stir your drink with polished nails just to be sure you are with someone safe.

Jill Shanks

This is an amazing idea! As a mom of 3, grandma of 2 and a rape survivor I wish that this product was out there to save others from the pain I went through. Please help these guys make this a reality!

Barbara Fetkenhauer

This is a great idea! I heard about almost 2 years ago and thought it would be on the market by now. #Sharktank help them out.

Gabriella Hinojosa

This needs to become available to the public because of the high statistics for sexual assault and rape victims.

Margaret Toupe

Is this product on the market?? Such an awesome idea!

Barbara Casique

I totally support this! There are many women out there that could be drugged and raped or robbed. This is a great way for women to feel safe and know if they need to protect themselves.

Runny Babbit

I fully support Undercover Colors! I have known so many people including myself that were either raped or robbed after being drugged. Sometimes drugged by close friends. You DO start to feel strange before you are incapacitated, so armed with a nail polish that detects multiple drugs you can test your beverage or food before you consume any more and get help if you need it. Keep pushing to get this on retail shelves EVERYWHERE. Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Julia Dietel

I would love to see this product on the shelves everywhere, if not readily available on all college campuses nationwide. As someone who works in the bar business, I have seen firsthand and heard many stories from cautious people getting unknowingly drugged.

Luz Kessler

Hope this product goes into development very soon. Worthwhile idea!!

Leeza Duehr

We need this available to the public.

Michelle Gamboa

You guys are a gift from God. What a blessing. I'm proud of you all. Keep up the goof work.

Emilee Anne

Support this 100%!!! Being a rape victim myself at a very young age, pills slipped into my WATER, I can't think of a better product to ever support as much as I do this!!! I cannot wait until this out in stores. I will have this for my daughter. You 4 men, are amazing!!!

Christine Kalb

Recommend- would buy in a heart beat!

Rosie Darch

This is not only clever, but useful, simple, smart, and such a brilliant form of protection all in one. Hope it goes far.

Sherry Hull

This is an excellent idea!

As a single mother I am excited to purchase undercover colors for myself, my daughter, and my nieces.

At one point I was drugged and I praise God that my friends noticed and got me to safety where the doctors were able to do the lab work and exam.

I fear that things may have been much worse and that I may have been raped that night if it was not for the friends I was with.

Belou Patrix

Why are they not already accepted? Something as cheap as nail polish saving lives and we have to think about it? ... ARE YOU SERIOUS!

Bonnie Huggins

That would be a good idea for women can be safe

Hammad Cheema Research Chemist/ PhD Candidate at North Carolina State University

Great idea of immense social, fashion and entrepreneurial value. Keep it up guys.

Michael Duran

This is a great concept, I hope all goes well with the developement and implementation of this product.

Mara Spurgin Manzer Jedi Master at Degobah

This is INCREDIBLE! Never too late to start saving lives.

Barry Conner FineArts Owner / Artist at Barry Conner Fine Arts

Undercover Colors is a brilliant product idea to protect and empower women in one of the most real, practical, meaningful, and profound ways imaginable. Pure genius.

Shannon Estrada

I think this product is fantastic on so many levels. I have a friend whose husband was drugged after a big winning at a casino. Woke up later in his truck and realized his wallet was stolen. Perhaps a clear non shiny one for men or painted toothpicks that they can carry in their pocket. Drop it into the drink to detect the drugs. Just an idea... Those drugs are obviously used for all sorts of things. One can never be too careful. Brilliant idea!

Sara Bequette

I'm thrilled at this idea ~ it's so clever and practical. I can't wait to see this product disappearing off the shelves.

Shannon Jones Employee at Applebee's Services

I have a dughter who ust strated college away from home... This would help eliminate some of the worries that go along with our "little girls" being out there for the first time on her own. An extra security measure ... I love it!

Melissa Hayes

"I feel like this could be revolutionary. So many women and even men will thank you if this product becomes a reality."

Diane Hoffman

I would positively buy this for myself and for gifts for each of my friends. If it came in a clear coat, it would be awesome for guys or girls who cant wear colored polish. Or a top coat to be able to wear with any color. I cant wait for this to come out!!

Crystal Abraham Pswc at New Beginnings retirement home

I can't wait for it to be finished I have told everyone I know about it and they are all taken back at what a brilliant invention this is!

Nikki Morris

This is so amazing !!! Men and women alike need this !

Linda Jordan Branch Sales Manager at USA Mortgage

I would buy this for every girl I know!

Alan Ekins Employee at Mosaic Sales Solutions

Fantastic idea. How about a clear one for guys, then when a chemical is detected it will change to a color.

Elizabeth Anderson Employee at Home Health

Very unique. And orginal idea as parent of a 17 year old fixing to go off to college i applaud these men for doing this. I hope they get funded n i see this and other products on the shelf in every store of the US.

Lauren Hailer Cook at Calihan Catering for Google

Fabulous idea that puts the mind at ease

Ashley Clements Cashier at Kmart

I think this is an excellent idea. I am a mom of 2 little girls! If we would have had this sooner i am positive alot more women would have been saved

Terri Molloy Employee at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Such a great idea! Hope this product is available soon!

Taylor Ring

Amazing idea!

Pamela Britten

Wonderful idea. I hope you find the funding you need to finish your research in order to get this product on the market as soon as possible.

Lee DeVore

Highly recommend Undercover Colors as a tremendous product to be developed. Well done, team.

Christi Cuzzort Block

Please help so we can get this out there!

Sherry Lyons

Finally! I am so Very glad that someone came up with this concept. A way to avoid a Horrible situation and protect yourself Ahead of time by Avoiding the situation entirely. Kudos to All of you involved in this! Thank You and cant wait to spread the news her in my part of the country :)

Amy Anderson Artist at Cryptozoic Entertainment

Brilliant idea! I like the idea of giving people (men and women) the ability to test their drinks. I would love this product to be available to my daughter by the time she becomes a young adult.

Debbie Stiles Employee at Advanced Dental Care of Austin

For all women especially my pride and joy, my daughter! Y'all are awesome

Brittany Tennyson

This is a wonderful idea.

Terri DiGiacomo

This is a very important invention if it works. I don't know any parent who wouldn't buy a lifetime supply of this nail polish.

Liana Bouchard Overlord at Planet Earth


Rayne Saltair

Thank you so much. While I have no control over what other people do I do have control over myself. I can't stop every creep that wanders into a bar I can protect myself if I feel like a night out. This product will make me feel safer.

Shawn Spencer

Amazing. Simple. Could save so much heartbreak!

Brittany Matuck

This is such a great idea!! I would definitely buy it for myself, family and my friends... Keep up the great work!!

Nancy Robb

You guys are amazing. This is needed now, every day and every night. Protect our girls. Drugs have been used on my daughter and she has no memory of the things that were done to her. Protect your daughter, friend and sister. We must get this out to all girls ASAP.

Stephanie Wolfer

I think this product is an amazing idea for women, we can never be to careful in today's society. It has happened to me and luckily I was with friends who took care of me and made sure I was safe.. a lot of girls are not so lucky. I can't wait until this Polish is available everywhere.. I will take one in every color, keeping my favs and giving the rest to women I love!

Samantha Ratcliff

Fantastic idea and something that will help a lot of women!

Candace Rocha

I think this is a great idea. good colors would be soft pinks, Lots of women wear shades of dark reds. dark pinks shades of browns, and tans too. You have to have orange for halloween, red and green for christmas, gold and silver for new years. If you can get at least a dozen shades out in those color groups and bring out others as the seasons approach your golden.

Kathy Stephenson

Awesome idea! How do we get it?

Tami Reynard Counter Person at NAPA KNOW HOW

What a great idea! Looking forward to seeing this happen. Such a great idea for women everywhere!

Anne Heim

A product necessary for women on college campus's. Knock out date rape.

Rebekah Guiliano-Worrel

I think this is Remarkable,for all the Safety and security of All Woman ,Children,every individual so they dont fall as Victimized...

Julie Merrill

This is amazing!!! Please pick them!

Tammy Schindele

this is a great idea I hope to see it on the market soon I have a daughter that is in college I would feel much safer. Sign me up where do I get it?

Noreen Scott

Amazing idea that can saves lives. I recommend Undercover Colors.

Christian Artressia

I highly support the upcoming product, simply because.. well.. It would help to prevent people from getting drugged and possibly worse. It's a great and fantastic concept, and I would be glad to help fun this project in any way I can. I look forward for the release of it.

Francie Lohnes-Porzio

What a Great Idea. Too bad we live in a society where we need it. I think it is brilliant

Cheryl Jeffries

Keep these moments in your hearts forever. These are the creative good times of service. May you be blessed over and over for this contribution to women's safety and empowerment. Your intention raises the vibration of the world.

Morgan Kroll

This product would make being in college, and socializing so much safer and make women feel like they can have fun without worrying about being drugged. I would definitely use this product and can't wait for it to come out on the market.

Karolyne Kerr

What a brilliant idea - best of luck!

Sk Johnson Employee at Vampires

This is going to be the best, most effective protection against rape (and probably even some % of teen kidnappings and abductions leading to murder) that's ever been made available. Who needs a gun or even a taser for self-defense when you go for a fun night out when all you really need is to be alerted of a danger so you that you leave before you get into it.

Steve Kankula

I believe these guys have a cutting edge idea to help all woman become pro active in there own safety. I have a 13 year old daughter and would definitely make sure she uses this product as he gets older.

Linda Barksdale Employee at Reynolds Food Packaging

when my great niece started college, i wanted to give her a gift to help her stay safe. the options were so limited. pepper sprays or tazers was about it. this idea is a great concept & i am sure it is going to go over with flying colors. every mom, dad, aunt, granny, & friend will want this product. kudos! thankyou.

Tanja Fischer Employee at Zuhause

As a previous victim I can say that this is one of the best ideas I've heard I a while. I would definitely buy and wear this everytime when I'm going out

Sherikaye Hughes Donation Attendant at Goodwill Industries International, Inc.

I recommend Undercover Colors....just think of it being your daughter, mother, sister, even niece that could be the next person being a victim of the rape drug. This will let them know their drinks are not safe to have.

Sharon Lukemire

I'm a mother of 3 daughters, 3 granddaughters & 7 grandsons. I am also a nail technician. As a parent, I thank you. You have given the moms in the world a reason to hope...If we can't be there to watch over our daughters & sons when they decide to leave the nest, at least we have your invention to help keep them safe. As long as they use it! We need this on the market...Yesterday! I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

Yasmin Munoz

This is an incredible concept, cannot wait to see it's production.

Rose Goodman

Dear Sirs,
My recommendation is that your product be available to every class of woman. Because the persons who use these kinds of drugs are in many cases from all walks of life. So I'm saying it needs to be affordable and available to everyone. And mostly. Thank all of you! We need more people like you.

Jemina Nylund

This is the greatest invention for preventing rape in a loong time ! As a person who has been roofied twice i now need to be paranoid about my drinks everywhere.. this would be the perfect way to feel safe and actually maybe let someone offer you a drink ! I would order this for me and my friends in finland ! Great job and thanl you :)

karen rossi

Practical and potentially life saving. Should be handed out at freshman orientation. Congratulations guys!

Jenny Leos

I think this is a wonderful idea. I was drugged and raped my freshman year in HS. It took me a long time to come to terms with what happened.

Bridget Ortigo Reporter at Longview News

Such a great idea! I think the clear polish that turns a different color would be best then you can put it on top of any color you like and wear it all the time. I would make sure my teenage girls always had it on as a top coat.

Nina Krüger Postdoc at UKE Hamburg


Linda Pyatt

What a fantastic concept, this is so needed to help prevent sexual assaults.

Sandy Kandt-Michael

WHERE DO I PRE-ORDER??? Having been a rape victim myself, I will be sure to keep my 3 granddaughters well stocked with your product! Bless you for your gracious thought in this product!!!

Judith Hill

Another essential for the girl out on the town or wherever. It goes with the pepper spray in her purse. This rocks!

Isabella Gemelli

These guys are actually making an effort to help women against rape. I highly recommend them.

Ashley Wall Executive Director at Heartstrings Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support

Absolutely recommend this start up. Addressing an enormous safety issue for women. Proud that it's coming from NC!

Elizabeth Taylor Sales at Belrose Costume Rental at New York Renaissance Faire

Christine Galloway

This is an amazing concept and will save countless women from becoming a victim!!!

Emily Mealer Retail Merchandiser at Hallmark

This is a brilliant and beautiful idea! Ingenious and highly appealing! I want this on the market A.S.A.P. to buy for myself and all my friends and family!

Amber M. Harris

Amazing concept! Show support for these up and coming inventors!

Karrla Hooper

put an end to drug-induced date rape!!!

Kelly Foster

Fantastic concept! I can not wait for you to begin production! Giving power back to young women while allowing them to have some fun without worry. Kudos, Gentlemen!

Deborah Berger

Awesome product! 💅

Ashley Corbett

This is a wonderful idea I Will definitely be wanting to purchase this when it comes out.

Ashley Battle

A noble effort that needs recognition and a solid recommendation.

Frida Ruiz Employee at Personal Trainer

Love it! Very creative way of solving a huge problem today.

Kelly Rølland

This is a great invention, I really hope it takes off!

Kari Johnson

Brilliant idea!

Gail Garrison Employee at none of your business

This has to be the best idea to come out in a very long time! With rape becoming more violent every day, this makes a woman feel a bit safer going out!

Frances Evans

great idea!! guys!! THANKS for keeping our daughters and grand daughters safe!

Adina Geller Receptionist at SuperShag

Tanya Pascoe

I recommend Undercover Colors

Tash Schofield

This should be available now ;) well done guys, hats off to you

Linda Johns

As a teacher of teenagers and as a single woman mywelf, I recognise the value and positive impact that your product provides. The vulnerability of girls and women will be reduced at some level with this amazing innovation.

Tiffany Becker

Great idea!

Marie Culbreth Independent Beauty Consultant at MARY KAY

Great idea! I recommend Undercover Colors. Girls will now be able to know if their drink is unsafe - a sad reality females face today. Until that reality changes, this will help all women of all ages.

Nicole Sanderson Babysitter/Nanny at Child Care

Outstanding concept for both men and women. Maybe consider a "clear" polish that changes light pink or something? Adds more discretion on the wearer's part.

Edessa Mitzel Assistant Manager at Americas Best Value Inn

As a college age girl and mother of 1 boy , this is the reason I don't go out. If I had something like this social interactions at bars and clubs with my friends would a must needed escape without the fear.

M Amelia Jermano

Finally ~ the world's Best game changer has arrived! All hail this remarkable creation!

Brandy Sigafoos

I am a Ph.D Clinical Psychology student and this is just amazing. My thesis and disseration is on male victims of rape and this can help both genders. I would recommend ths product to everyone.

Beverly Alexander Employee at Gardens of Time

A truly awesome idea. I want my daughter will have some before going to college.

Gabrial Heath

Brilliant idea. I want this to flood the marketplace...!!

Jeff Johnson Owner at Edencare Landscape Services

Great idea! I would buy or recommend this to the important young women in my life.

John Carson

Great concept... As a father of two daughters, I'd certainly buy this for them. You guys should put this to Kickstarter.com and get the resources to launch this NOW. Good luck!

Jenna Collins Employee at Housewife

This is the most wonderful idea! You can be discreet and feminine at the same time. Great job guys.

Brenda Myles

This is a wonderful idea. I would buy bottles for my daughter and all of her friends. I would rest easier with this product on the market. Genius!!!!

Miranda Thames

I would definitely buy this and use as well as buy for others I care about! Can't wait to see this get going!

Stephen Mann

great idea.. I would get this for my daughters..

Chris Carlson-Shadwick

You have an inspired idea. It is refreshing to see men who are willing to put their mind, heart, efforts into protecting women instead of harming them. What an example you are to other men. I pray God blesses you beyond your wildest dreams.

Christa Estes

This is an amazing idea! I hope it is on the market soon. I almost died the night someone put drugs in my drink (ER not breathing). Would love to see something on the market to help women not experience the turmoil that follows rape or such hospital visits. Want to buy every color for my daughter. - Thank you from a rape & drugging survivor

Elsa Lee Aragon Membre du Conseil parisien de la Jeunesse at Paris Jeunes


Emma Ullathorne Home Care Support Worker at Borough of Poole Council

Sharon Umbrell Farmer at FarmVille

Best idea I saw in a long time!!

Aimee Hayes

an idea that will empower women all over the world to feel safe when out drinking - thank you

Melissa Greene Office Manager/Executive Assistant at Atlas Group Realty

I recommend Undercover Colors

Katie Snape

This is such an incredible idea. It would save so many people so much hurt. Please continue with this and fight for it!

Beata Kulpińska-Wojda

It is great, we all keep our fingers crossed for this

Alicia Knapp

This is a fantastic idea, this needs to be available everywhere. Let's cut down on these sexual assaults!

Martha Houston

Gentlemen, it's very refreshing to know that there are still "Knights in shining armor" in the world willing to step up and combat against the savagrity imposed upon women of all ages (and I'm sure men, too)! I'm looking forward to being able to purchase Undercover Colors for my nieces and my friend's daughters. You have my recommendation and I plan to pass on your information to help you receive many more!

Emily Lewan Assistant Manager at Regal Ridge Apartments

Rape is at an all time high. This product is a huge step forward in the process of wiping out this heinous act. As a rape survivor I highly endorse this product.

Fabriana Watts

This is ingenious! The fact that it was created by four men is amazing as well! A product that can be considered fashionable so that any woman can protect herself in such a discreet manner is creative and inventive. There would be no reason NOT to wear Undercover Colors. Living in a large city, I cannot wait for this to come out! Best of luck to you!

Amber Hamilton Employee at Old No. 4 Liquor Store

Best creation since the disposable diaper!!😀

Paige Alexandria

Anything that can end or help stop rape or abuse is a winner in my book.i 100% want this to be real and sold world wide.Thanks

Caitlin Harter Screamster at Cedar Point

This is truly a wonderful Idea. As a woman that has seen what happens to others under the effects of a Date-rape drug, this would be a wonderful defense tool.

Marissa Guarino

This is not only for a great cause but it is utterly necessary (unfortunately) and absolutely brilliant. This project may provide a practical and efficient solution to a heinous problem.

Lisa Roesch

Having been drugged in a club I would never wish that sense of helplessness or fear on anyone. Having a teenage daughter now I'm so grateful that there is something so simple and discreet that will allow her to protect herself when out with friends or when she's old enough to go to the clubs. Thank you for all your efforts and your visionary product!

Abby Johnston

I want to buy for my family and friends to help protect them. Awesome idea!

Michelle Blom

I think what these four men are doing is amazing, I will be buying it for my daughter in the future.

Elicia Koehn

I want to see this group succeed! UC has such an empowering idea!

Bartek Lipiński

Discrete and effective - the sooner it's on the market, the better.

Stephanie Knobel

great idea!! all my friends and i would definitely buy this!!

Sonia Bailey

What an empowering product! Safety and fashion all rolled into one :-)

Phyllis Lynn

This is something that not only can prevent a sexual assault, but save a life. I have already mentioned this to several younger women I know, and one is make up artist who can also spread the word. It needs to be funded and produced . I wish there was something like this around 30 years ago!

Sarabeth Theriot

I think this is a great invention & concept. There are times and places where I'd want to be more cautious. I would defiantly buy this product when it becomes available.

Lucy Mingyang Zhu

Novel idea and best wishes on the development! I will be more than glad to buy this product and gift it to my friends!

Nickie Fuentes

I would really like to see this company funded. As a parent of a 16 year old it would be comforting to see this product on the national market in the next few years.

Elizabeth Apgar Triano

Good luck guys! Sorry we need such a thing but glad you're stepping up.

Annie Steel

These guys both make me happy and want to applaud their efforts on behalf of the women they know/care about

Jodi Salté

Great idea, can't wait to get this for every loved one

Alana Jubow

Absolutely brilliant ideas, Guys! As someone who has had a drink spiked before, Thank you! Keep up the great work. Please don't ever give up!

Brittney Still

This is an amazing idea! It's a brilliant way to make women feel safer in this ever changing, more threatening world we live in! Great job!

Deborah Wilson

I consider the 4 of you heroes, making the world safer for all. Thank you.

Saket Sinha

Awesome idea and a revolutionary product! Congratulations!!

With the rising numbers in the usage of date rape drugs, this product is bound to be life saver for the feminine gender.

Sophie Fosdick

I feel like this could be revolutionary. So many women and even men will thank you if this product becomes a reality.

Casey DeLuca

I can not stress how wonderful this idea is! I am a survivor of rape and I know far to well the devastation and humility any rape victims go through. Just knowing a product like this could protect so many young women and men as well makes me want to promote this to the world! Keep up the great job! I plan on making multiple donations in the future and ask everyone with daughter's to do the same. Let's help get this product out there as soon as possible!

Michelle Messenger Gonzalez Consultant at DoTerra Oils by Michelle Gonzalez

This is a great way to help save lives, and keep girls safe in this crazy world we live in today! Great idea guys!

Danielle Bright

This is a great concept! It is discrete and fashionable. It would make a great gift.

Christine LaMuse Owner at Axsl Publications

Tfis Something Any Girl, Teen, College Student,Woman Can use ... It Will Give Them Power while Being Completely Feminine and Discrete.
While Ensuring a Safe Evening,
I Should think Every Parent Will Be Stocking #UnderCover_Colors in their Daughter's Stockings this Christmas... I know I will Be!

Lyle Kahle

Great idea. The concept of carrying your own lab test with you to a night out at the bar is very exciting. I look forward to the day when it gets to market and I can buy it for the daughters and granddaughters of friends.