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Unknown Name

I am a cosmetologist and entrepreneur inspired by all things beauty; and I plan on making this world a more beautiful place.
Mesa, US
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CEO @IlluminatExposure • Co-Founder

Cannabis salon and spa, with my own cannabis infused product line.


Entrepreneur, and cosmetologist @Smallincentive • Employee

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I make medicated bath products, that help relieve pain. This offers an exclusive option for those who would rather use all natural products and alternatives for pain relief. Many people have continuously donated towards my product, including people of the older generations stating, and I quote, "I no longer need to take my morphine pills at night, which is amazing!" This really inspired me to move forward for an even better product. In order to do this, I have contacted Lush Cosmetics, they were astonished and inspired by my story, which is meant to prevent suicide; The email I received furthermore, secured my possibilities; although do to it being a controversial issue they are not able to help me, which is completely acceptable. Mac cosmetics was also excited to hear my idea and is possibly willing to work with me to create cannabis infused makeup, like their own. In this industry the possibilities are endless, and the revenue brought in will be significant for the nonprofit.

Unknown Name Entrepreneur, and cosmetologist at Smallincentive recommended Smallincentive where Unknown is Employee

Unknown Name Entrepreneur, and cosmetologist at Smallincentive recommended IlluminatExposure where Unknown is Co-Founder