Vadio Gitazy

Vadio Gitazy

Co-Founder at
Marketing • Sales/Bus Dev
London, UK
  • Business Development
  • Company Branding
  • Entrepreneur
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Video Production

CEO • Co-Founder

Street digital advertising directly submitted from your pc or smartphone

Amazing things Vadio's made
Google Chrome themes with 10000 downloads/month
Online graphic design studio brand Vadio.Rocks
Successful Czech Event Brand -

Lewis Hartman Post-retirement undecided at House husband recommended where Vadio is Co-Founder

I've known Vadio for about a year and have heard - and seen - much about Maplace. I think it is an amazing concept, which is ready to be released 'to the wild' for general use. It should be very successful; if Vadio's work ethic, sense of purpose and drive are anything to go by. Highly recommended.

Laura Barnes recommended where Vadio is Co-Founder

I discovered Maplace last year and I am really excited by the concept. With social hangouts and landmark selling squares, I think Maplace will really take off this year as a new and exciting networking space.

Salvatore Minetti Co-Founder at LOMi Artificial Intelligence recommended where Vadio is Co-Founder

Vadio at Maplace is a bright and highly articulate individual with a strong work ethic and limitless enthusiasm. He blends a strong strategic mind and advanced commercial-awareness with a well-grounded understanding of operational matters. I am happy to recommend him to all and am confident he will be a success in all his ventures

Jiří Nezhyba recommended where Vadio is Co-Founder

I really do recommend Maplace

mark joseph recommended where Vadio is Co-Founder

I was introduced to Maplace only recently. I am hooked. It s marvellous concept. I think that Maplace is going to play a major role in the way we communicate our ideas and purpose in the near future. Go Maplace!