Mayara Tachy Analista de apoio jurídico at Procuradoria Geral da República

Accessibility is the word of the moment. The news keep showing that disabled people go through so many difficulties every day and hardly anyone is worried with making their lives easier. Vai Sim took the challenge and want to do more for them: not only help them live their lives better, but to improve it! Give them opportunities they haven't even dreamed of, that they thought it was not allowed to them. This is a truly honorable initiative. As someone that works with the law and with the rights of minorities, I'm really happy to see such a project. I hope they can reach millions!

Luísa Sotero Prata de Oliveira

Much more than enable people with disabilities to travel, the Vai Sim has a cause, a purpose: to enable disabled also have amazing experiences. This team was able to understand the need for this audience. Truly heard and talked with people from various disabilities, and are turning it into a business. Congratulations!