Valerie Lefler

Valerie Lefler

I am hardworking, systems oriented, driven, and unapologetically passionate about making a difference.
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Lincoln, US
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University of Nebraska at Omaha

Community Services Associate, Center for Public Affairs Research @University of Nebraska at Omaha • Employee

Sep '13 - Present (7 years 4 months)

Inspiration for Tomorrow's Careers Inc.

Executive Director @Inspiration for Tomorrow's Careers Inc. • Employee

May '13 - Present (7 years 8 months)

Integrated Global Dimensions LLC

President & CEO @Integrated Global Dimensions LLC • Employee

Mar '13 - Present (7 years 10 months)

Liberty Mobility Now, Inc.

CEO @Liberty Mobility Now, Inc. • Co-Founder

Liberty connects rural communities and healthcare providers with patients.

Amazing things Valerie's made
I have built a women owned business (Integrated Global Dimensions) that has grown from $0 to over $4 million in contracts in less than 3 years, while working full time at a day job 2 of the 3 years with 2 small children. Our clients include the Federal Highway Administration, Federal Transit Administration, the US Air Force, the US Marine Corp, the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Michigan Tech Research Institute, Nebraska Department of Roads, SRF Consulting, and Florida International University-Miami.

In addition, I have launched another company, Transportation Tech, in the past year dedicated to providing training for technicians and non-engineers for Intelligent Transportation Systems and Connected Vehicle Technology through $1 million in funding from the US DOT Small Business Innovation Research Grant Program. We also presented at ITS World Congress in Melbourne Australia in October of 2016.

Mac Rodgers President at AliveLock recommended Liberty Mobility Now, Inc. where Valerie is Co-Founder

There are two reasons I am recommending Liberty Mobility Now. One is the traditional reason. This company has a unique application that they are perfectly positioned to pursue. Their CEO's awareness of the issues and market place dynamics of rural transportation needs is truly world class. This comprehensive awareness gives them a distinct advantage versus competitors that might look at the space because they are in the transportation business. Liberty is focused to excel on meeting their customers needs, not just adding another fare to a drivers day. The second reason to add Liberty to the pitch lineup is that the services they are delivering address significant needs that all American's should be concerned about. We are failing at meeting the transportation needs for many in our rural areas. Liberty is on a mission to fix that. As I've heard the Liberty CEO say...the only thing better than making money is making money doing something great for people in need. Mac Rodgers

Tiffany Fougeron recommended Liberty Mobility Now, Inc. where Valerie is Co-Founder

I've had the privilege of working with Valerie through different events and projects relating to public transportation. The work her company is doing to connect more people to transportation options is inspiring. Transportation options can be hard to find, especially in our most rural communities. This app would provide safe transportation to anyone seeking it. This won't compete with local transit systems, but rather link users with what is available, whether that be Liberty drivers during "off hours" or public transit systems available during operating hours or a little of both. It's a great way to promote all aspects of transportation, get all citizens to where they need to go, and provide jobs. It's a win-win all around! I look forward to a future with more transportation options for everyone and commend Valerie and her team on all of their hard work on making this a reality.

Kari Ruse recommended Liberty Mobility Now, Inc. where Valerie is Co-Founder

I have worked closely with Valerie and Shashank to develop ground breaking software to improve the delivery of government services. They are hardworking, forward thinking individuals with a commitment to improving the lives of people living in rural America and beyond. Liberty Mobility Now, Inc. is a comprehensive, integrated strategy that will significantly impact and provide transportation solutions in rural areas across the country. I strongly recommend Liberty Mobility Now, Inc., for the 2016 Rise of the Rest competition. Kari Ruse, Nebraska Dept of Roads Transit Manager.

Jonnie Kusek recommended Liberty Mobility Now, Inc. where Valerie is Co-Founder

We are relieved to find a company that finally wants to understand our operations, what our technology needs entail for rural transportation and strives to meet those needs on an individual basis regardless of the business or organization’s size.

Liberty is passionate about safe, efficient and accessible public transportation for all passengers so they may reach desired destinations and vital services. They fill a gap in transportation services for rural communities. Liberty works in tandem with other agencies to fulfill unmet transportation needs.

Liberty utilizes independent contractors in their ride-share strategy, creates jobs within the region and stimulates economic activity and growth. We need passionate, motivated entrepreneurial companies like Liberty.

We fully support and recommend Liberty Mobility Now, Inc. as a 2016 Rise of the Rest Competition recipient.

Jonnie Kusek, Transit Director
Panhandle Trails Intercity Public Transit
Alliance, NE

Anuj Sharma Associate Professor at Iowa State University recommended Liberty Mobility Now, Inc. where Valerie is Co-Founder

The objective of Liberty is path breaking as it is one of the very few startups that focus on improving quality of life in rural areas.

Vaughn Carter recommended Liberty Mobility Now, Inc. where Valerie is Co-Founder

I have gotten to know Valerie, Shashank and Liberty over the past few months and am very impressed with their concept/platform. Valerie is a highly respected leader/expert/mover/shaker in the “Transportation Science” space and really knows what she is doing. Shashank is a highly talented individual with exceptional technical skills. Their business model, revenue model, and business plan are solid, well thought out, well researched and validated. They have very strong industry, community, & government support nationally and are cultivating solid strategic relationships and partnerships in pursuit of Liberty's mission and vision. I see Liberty not only being a very successful and profitable enterprise but one that will impact thousands of lives for the better and be a very positive influence on society and our nation as a whole. This one is a game changer.
Vaughn Carter