Vanessa Ferragut

Vanessa Ferragut

I'm a sustainable event planner in Washington, DC & a local food enthusiast
Washington, D. C., US
  • Agriculture
  • Hospitality
  • Event Planning
  • Local Marketing
  • Restaurants
  • Sustainability
  • Tourism

Founder and CEO @Greenease • Co-Founder

Mobile app connecting consumers with restaurants that buy local/sustainable

Amazing things Vanessa's made
I launched the World Bank Group's Sustainable Meeting and Events Program in 2011, and ran that program until I left the Bank in 2016.

I have also been self-employed for 9 years. I launched Ferragut Event Group in 2009. I love my clients and my clients love working with me. That, to me, is the biggest success of all!

Shawn Broderick Advisor at Dispatch recommended Greenease where Vanessa is Co-Founder

SOSV and Food-X are big fans (and investors in) Greenease. Vanessa is driven, determined, and creative. We believe that consumer access to data like Greenease is aggregating is a big potential win to society and our hope is that Greenease can expand nationally and then globally, serving consumers around the world.