Vanessa Jameson

Vanessa Jameson

Mom, Software Engineer, CEO who is passionate about developing the number one social resource for parents
UI/UX Design • General Engineer
Pittsburgh, US
  • Design
  • Software Development
  • Data Analysis
  • Management
  • Metrics
  • Mobile Technology
  • User Experience

Founder, CEO @Covey • Co-Founder

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Amazing things Vanessa's made
I led the development of the first Google Shopping Express Order Management System (OMS). Google Shopping Express is a same day delivery system, so the efficiency and reliability of the OMS was critical. The OMS includes two key components: (1) The Store Operations Mobile App, used to instruct store operators to pick/pack/pay for items in an order and (2) A backend system for tracking and managing orders, collecting payments and notifying customers of progress through the order flow. The project was a startup-within-Google and I led the tech for the OMS that supported the launch.

Here's the basic flow:
Store operators are notified of orders as they're placed & scan items off the shelf to verify that they are picked correctly. After a batch of items has been collected, the operators pack each order and apply a label printed straight from the app. Couriers are notified of the packing completion and scheduled to pick up the order from the store.


Justine Kasznica Attorney at Saul Ewing LLP recommended Covey where Vanessa is Co-Founder

I can't think of a better company than Covey LLC for the MergeLane accelerator. I have had the privilege of working with Vanessa Jameson (Founder and CEO) since the company's inception, and have watched the company and its founder grow by overcoming challenges, facing failures with fearless persistence, and pivoting as necessary to build a business model that works. Vanessa is one of the sharpest and most dedicated CEO's I have met. She has proven that she has the skill, the tenacity, and the heart for the job. As a mother, Vanessa identified a critical underserved market segment - new parents desperate for resources, hungry for social support. They say it takes a village to raise a child. Covey provides that village to the often disconnected and geographically scattered modern family. And Covey is delivering. The Covey App was recently released for Apple and Android, and the Covey community has been growing since. MergeLane would undoubtedly help to take Covey to the next level!