Section 1: Team

Please list the details of the team below. A team may have a maximum of four people and at least 50% of the team must be students or recent graduates.

Lead Entrant

Please provide details of the nominated team leader below. This person must be a current registered student or recent graduate at The University of Manchester. (Those teams shortlisted as finalists will be notified by e-mail to the lead entrant only.)

Nominated leader

Core Team Members (if applicable)

Only list current students or graduates in this section

Team member 2

Team member 3

Team member 4

Section 2: Business Details

Only complete the below if your company has been registered NB: If your company is already registered, it must not have been trading earlier than 1st December 2017

Section 3: Public Summary

The public summary may be used freely by The Organiser in the promotion of this event, e.g. at the Awards Ceremony, on The University’s website or in any publicity material and media releases. We recommend you write a basic overview and DO NOT reveal any commercially sensitive information within the field below.

Section 4: Idea

Idea or Technology



Stage of Development

Market & Customer Details

Financials & Business Model


Achievements to date

Section 5: Intellectual Property statement

Section 6: Declaration