The goal of Vertical is to engage with startups and corporates and make a joint-venture or project possible. If you will get into the program you will get an access to mentoring and advisory from the key people in these companies. Please articulate your value proposition to our partners. Write what you could do together with them, that could move your company to the next level, and help them as well. Examples: - make an application available for the S-Health platform of Samsung - optimise the scheduling system for HUS - deliver nutrition analytics to Fazer restaurants and integrate it into other digital services they are using - integrate IBM Watson to the platform - make a version of solution compliant with Samsung watch etc. Please bear in mind - this is the most important part of the whole application. Take your time to think through what you are proposing to companies.




Hello Thanks for applying for spring 2017 Program. Here is what is going to happen during the next few weeks: December 18 - January 7 - Internal screening and selection process by Vertical & our partners; some of the teams will get to be invited for an additional Skype interview answer, or provide an additional information January 17 - Shortlist of 40 teams with the most promising value propositions. If you haven't passed to top 40 we will let you know by that date. January 20 - Shortlist of the startups invited to the Value proposition week. February 12 - 15 - Startups with the best value proposition will join the Value Proposition Week together with Samsung, Pfizer, Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa, Folkhälsan and other partners March 5 - June 7 - Selected participants will start 3 months hand-in-hand collaboration with decision makers from Samsung, Fazer, HUS & Folkhälsan to turn their proposals into projects. During 3 months program startups will go through four milestones: 1. Customer compliance > 2. Finalised value proposition > 3. Collaboration terms > 4. MVP delivery Please note that we will be very busy during the next few weeks screening all the applications received, so, unfortunately, we won’t be able to answer questions about specific applications straight away. Meanwhile, we invite you to follow us on social media in order to keep up to date regarding our activities [twitter: @VerticalVC, facebook: VerticalVC, Instagram: @verticalacceleartor] We thank you once more for your application and we wish you the best of luck! Best regards, The Vertical Team