Viceversa is a decision crowdsourcing tool for brands, paired with a social app where users can ask for help in their everyday choices....
Viceversa is a decision crowdsourcing tool for brands, paired with a social app where users can ask for help in their everyday choices.
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Jonathan, and the entire ViceVersa team, have done an incredible work. They perfectly understand that for brands like Léo et Violette (the brand that I created) it is crucial to get the opinions of our customers. Instead of asking an open question to them on Facebook or any social platform, we could create versus very easily on ViceVersa and give our customers a very simple and intuitive way to vote. The app has been very helpful for the launch of our latest product as it appeared that our customers wanted a different color than the one we planned to do. Not only it participated in making our offer better, it also participated in avoiding to make a potential big mistake by launching a wrong color ! It was a win-win situation. I also want to insist on the quality of the design & the usability of the app. I know Jonathan is extremely passionated by what he does and we could clearly feel and enjoy his passion with the App as every detail is perfect Congratulations again for a great work !

The Viceversa team chose Ionic to build their app, and I was able to see their strong teamwork skills and initiative in action.

They were motivated and skilled enough to build features ahead of us if needed, submitted pull requests, and shared their knowledge with the Ionic community often.

Jonathan is an active member on our forum and helps answer questions and give advice to our community members. He continues to help mentor new Ionic users pro bono, even contributing to several of our outside marketing projects.

As a designer, I am impressed by their attention to detail and the overall quality of their work. Their app is one of the most beautiful Ionic apps I've seen. The quality of their design and development made it a no-brainer to feature it in our showcase.

This team is incredibly capable, and has a wonderful capacity to adapt. I'm looking forward to seeing their next creation!

Me: I'm the co-founder of Drifty Co, makers of Ionic, an SDK for hybrid mobile app development.

I met Jonathan 10 years ago when we were both still in high school. Jonathan is great to be around: friendly, witty and creative, he has always impressed me by his capacity to innovate and build beautiful products.

Viceversa is one of them. A splendid web application that brands can use to leverage their user base and release better products. Surveys and test samples are a thing of the past. With Viceversa, marketing teams have found an amazing tool, baked into a beautiful user interface, to easily interact with their customers and learn about their tastes and habits.

I highly recommend Jonathan and his team and anyone seeking further input can contact me at any time.

About me: I'm the CEO and co-founder of Reedsy, a Seedcamp startup that changes the way indie authors create and publish books. I am passionate about technology and cultural industries and turn into a photographer during my spare time –some of my pictures have over 40 million view on the internet.

Jonathan has done a great job with Viceversa. He has a real understanding of how consumer apps work and what truly matters. He knows that he is supposed to focus on a few key features and make them as efficient as possible. When I first met him, I was very impressed by his knowledge and thought process on UI and UX. He knows his space quite well and I can't wait to see what the Viceversa team will come up with in the future.