Viktor Kovelskiy

Viktor Kovelskiy

Experienced business consultant, PhD in Management and researcher
General Business • Financial
Samara, Russia
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  • International Business
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CLEVV • Co-Founder


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Amazing things Viktor's made
I was a founder of the one of the first software company in Russia back in 1994. I helped to bring first IT investments to Russia in 1998. I found investments and opened first of its kind open access computer classes in libraries, which still work! I organized first soccer tournaments among IT specialists and managers in 2003-2005. I organized music band Assembly in 1988 and we still play and record songs - just check Amazon music, iTunes etc using my name Viktor Kovelskiy. I write scientific articles on IT technologies and modern management. I am PhD in Economics. I worked and lived in the US, UK, France, Germany... Since 2012 I made 4 iOS app, 4 websites and provided more than 50 management consultations to companies worldwide.

Priscilla de Canistris recommended Your Test Team where Viktor is Co-Founder

Viktor is very pleasant and helpful during his lessons

Nadia Thraning recommended Your Test Team where Viktor is Co-Founder

Victor did absolutely a good job organizing "Doing business in Russia" course in october 2012, where I took part together with about 30 participants from Norway, Germany, France and a few other contries. He was in charge of a team who provided a perfect program for us in Samara. His personal contribution was immense, no assignment being to big, nor too small. I think he likes to deliver more than he is expected to.

Andreas Bräuer Business Development Manager at LYNX Internationl recommended Your Test Team where Viktor is Co-Founder

Perfect Program coordination and very supportive to the team members. Clear communication and excellent understanding of the needs of our team.

Steffen Ziesche recommended Your Test Team where Viktor is Co-Founder

I know Mr. Victor Kovelskiy already for some years and we did some international business together. I always admired Victors ability to handle even sophisticated problems due to his creativity, his strong communication skills and his ability to find easy and quick solutions even when time is pressing. Due to his international experience he can talk with different people from different nationalities, he easily understands their specific national background and he can also mediate and easily connect to them. Looking back at all my experiences with him he was always a very reliable person and we could always rely on the results of his work. I strongly recommend him to all type of project coordination work and I personnaly wish him all the best.

Inna Podgornaya recommended Your Test Team where Viktor is Co-Founder

Dear Sirs,
It is my pleasure to recommend Viktor Kovelskiy to you, his experience as a project manager and business consultant proved that he will be a valuable candidate to get accepted into your program.I have known Viktor for many years in my capacity as CEO and founder of Ivy League Strategic Consulting Group. Viktor cooperated with us on various projects as a consultant, and based on his work, I would rank him as one of the best consultants and project managers we have ever had.
Viktor distinguished himself by consistently submitting exceptionally well-researched analyses for our clients. If I can be of any further assistance, or provide you with any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Sincerely,
Inna Podgornaya
Founder and CEO, Ivy League Strategic Consulting Group