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Village Capital is a seed-stage impact investment fund that identifies, trains and invests in high-growth, high-impact companies across the globe. Our VilCap US: Energy 2014 is the premier accelerator for innovative energy and clean technology startups. Our 2014 program seeks to promote resource efficiency in the US energy economy by identifying capital-efficient technology-enabled solutions that (1) decrease the carbon footprint and environmental impact of traditional energy production or (2) broadly incentivize energy efficiency and renewable energy adoption.

The program consists of four skills-based workshops focused on training entrepreneurs to assume an "investor lens,” with coaching and mentoring from successful serial entrepreneurs, investors and industry experts. The program culminates in a Demo Day where each company presents to a group of investors.

The program includes $100k in pre-committed investment for the top two start-ups ($50k each), as selected by the entrepreneurs themselves through a peer-review process. The accelerator starts in June with a three-day workshop and runs for three months. Subsequent engagement includes three additional intensive sessions, online presentations, and closing Demo Day.

This application form is supplemented by a short data-collection survey administered after the initial application has been processed. Please contact us with any questions.

*Program Dates*
Session 1: June 19-22 (Ft. Collins, CO)
Session 2: August 3-6 (Houston, TX)
Session 3: September 9-10 (Houston, TX)
Session 4: September 24-27 (Ft. Collins, CO)

For more information, please visit or contact Dan Griffis ( or Gray Robinson (


Andrew Hobbs Recruiting startups for Village Capital's FinTech India accelerator.