Vincent MingFei

I have extensive knowledge in IoT and wireless IT consultancy. I am currently involved in technical advisory role for the fintech startup
General Business • Mobile Dev
London, UK
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CEO @Marrigo • Co-Founder

One-Stop Exchange for Overseas Shopping via Travellers

Exazon • Co-Founder

Exchange for Life Policies

Amazing things Vincent's made
Intelligent Environmental Sensing for Energy Efficiency using wireless sensor networks via IoT. The project brings digital innovation to the visibility and visualisation of energy use in buildings by employing multiple sensing technologies via IoT advancement to provide a much-needed accurate view of exactly where and when energy is being used in buildings.

The project replaces the plethora of having installing individual sensors with only a single unified unit strip mounted on the wall or ceiling. This unit contains a collection of sensors to detect radio waves and heat throughout the space and thus provide a means to detect the location, operation and movements of heating and electrical appliances and people in the space.

The collected information will be transmitted via IoT technology to be processed and the data will be available in real-time and will provide a virtual animated 3-D “energy map” of the space, helping to identify and save energy in buildings in use.

Cranfield University, UK

PhD in Advanced Wireless Technology Mar 2000 - Jun 2004


刘荣兴ha CTO at Marrigo recommended Marrigo where Vincent is Co-Founder

I am RongXing