We develop solutions to make cervical cancer screening fast, reliable, and affordable, using deep learning techniques for diagnosis assistance to cytopathologists, and by controlling all the test’s flux, from scheduling to results delivery....
We develop solutions to make cervical cancer screening fast, reliable, and affordable, using deep learning techniques for diagnosis assistance to cytopathologists, and by controlling all the test’s flux, from scheduling to results delivery.
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Erlei Biazzio
Erlei Biazzio Full Stack Coder
Juan Fernando Galindo Jaramillo
Juan Fernando Galindo Jaramillo CTO Electronics Engineer. PhD. student in Information Technology. I'm convinced that technology can transform human lives
Sonia  Guerrero Garay
Sonia Guerrero Garay Strategic Analyst Environmental Manager

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Marco Carvalho

I had the opportunity to follow the start of the Vita Technology. The team is focused on product and innovation. In particular, Ramon is a great researcher, a motivated and committed person. It was a pleasure to work with him at UNICAMP!

Julián Vargas

Vita Technology is an innovative company structured with great professionals contributing in the healthcare industry supported by they high technical skills. Indisputably, their projects will have a strong impact on quality of life in our society.

Debora Simão

I had a gynecological examination throguh the platform developed by Vita Technology in 2017. I received the diagnosis very qucikly, and I could start treatment almost immediatly. Their technology is effective and can help millions of women to treat their illnesses before they become serious.

Erlei Biazzio Developer at Grupo mais comunicacao

Vita and a company would be and extremely committed to the work it does. It has trained and competent professionals.

María Isabel Galindo Jaramillo

Vita is an Amazing entrepreneurship dedicated to improve people’s health through technology. I highly recommend it

Diego Guerrero Garay

Uno de los fines de la tecnología es poder transformar las prácticas que se realizan en diferentes áreas ya sean académicas, empresariales y en este caso especifico las de la salud, con el objetivo de adaptarse y mejorar las necesidades de los seres humanos. Vita Tecnología es una propuesta innovadora, con profesionales bien preparados, con una idea en común: aportar en el sector de la salud con apoyo de la tecnología para agilizar y precisar los resultados de exámenes y así poder actuar a tiempo, todo a favor de la salud de la mujer. Éxitos con el desarrollo de esta excelente propuesta.

Sonia Guerrero Garay Strategic Analyst at Vita Technology

Being part of VITA Technology is a great opportunity to learn and support the develpment of projects that ensure access to health services. It is also a space for working on an interdesciplinary group oriented to a common goal.

Ursula Westin

Vita Technology is a amazing oportunity to put togheter the informatics technology with health. They have a good strategics to help peoples. For a example the uterine cancer prevention campaign was amazing time to help womans have fast test results in the same day. This means a very good work and can save so many lives around the world. Congratulations to all people envolved in this project! You guys... are amazing!!! I'm very happy to meet you guys!

Camilo Restrepo Estrada

Using technology for health is a wonderful idea that helps people. Every day humanity meets new challenges, each one requires ingenuity to solve them. Some of them are exclusively to generate money. This project is, from my point of view, a wonderful idea that will allow people to have a better quality of life.

Darío F.

I am familiar with Vita Technology and its work towards the timely diagnosis of cervical cancer by applying computer technology to clinical analysis study. I believe that their work is innovative, relevant, and pertinent, especially in Latin American’s public health context. I hope that this ingenious and alternative technological solution at the service of medicine, will continue to grow and establish itself as a reality in the region.

Santiago Maya Johnson

My girlfriend had the chance to participate in a PAP smear test (oncotic cytology), the test was like the normal one, but we get the results in the same day. We are very grateful with VitaTechnology for offering us their services for free.

Leidy Jaramillo

I had the opportunity to participate in a research where they were testing their technology and i think their work is excellent, I received the result of my test in the same day with the diagnostic. I think that the company makes a very good work and this technology will help a lot the health system.

Monica Guerrero Garay

I have known the work of Vita Tecnologia for 6 years, I have participated in different campaigns of medical prevention and women's health, organized by the company VITA Tecnologia. The people who work in the Vita Tecnologia project stand out for their technical and professional capacity. I recommend their work and consider them a responsible and important project for the region. I will continue to follow their proposals and achievements.