Developer? Graphics Designer? or Mobile Apps expert? We have a mission for you!
War of the Worlds - UF's 1st Annual Code and Design War, is a team coding/graphics design competition with a common goal: to develop the app that will "save the world".
Together with your team, you will spend 54 hours hacking on code and designing graphics to develop an application that is both functional and beautiful, but also designed to "save humanity". But this is no ordinary competition...
Everytime your team completes a goal, you receive a "powerup" that can change the rules of the game, push your team into the lead, or set other teams behind. Only the best teams will survive.
Throughout the competition you'll receive mentorship from our sponsors, FREE FOOD AND DRINKS, and FREE T-SHIRTS!
Besides "saving humanity", winning teams will be endowed with illustrious prizes! 
Register before February 16th, and get FREE ADMISSION! 

SPONSORS so far! (And we've got a few surprises planned!)
352 Media
UF Center of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
UF A2 Fab Lab
The Backstory (Abridged):
The Year: 2300
The Place: Gainesville, FL
Your Mission: Develop and design the app to save humanity.
After years of war ravaging the global community, mass famines have struck the globe, leaving millions without food or water. Humanity teeters on the brink of extinction, as plagues continue to breed hordes of zombies that ravage the land. The world has split into factions, all vying for control of the remaining resources. All hope for humanity appears lost.
That is it would be, if not for the discovery of an ancient temple and the blueprints within. The blueprints to a replicator that can regenerate the world with the help of the Ancients.
You and your team are humanity's last hope. In 48 hours, the zombie horde will close in on your last stronghold. Without the replicator, you cannot hope to survive.
Good luck. The Ancients are preparing the data for the replicator. More information to come soon!

David Flores
World traveler, food lover, and company builder.