Wieland Sommer

Wieland Sommer

Founder of Smart Reporting GmbH, Professor for Radiology, Master in Public Health (Harvard)
General Business
Muenchen, Germany
  • Public Policy
  • Radiology
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Department of Clinical Radiology

Professor in Radiology, Head of Oncologic Imaging @Department of Clinical Radiology • Employee

Aug '14 - Present (4 years 7 months)

University of Munich

Professor in Radiology, Head of Oncologic Imaging @University of Munich • Employee

Aug '14 - Present (4 years 7 months)

Smart Reporting GmbH

CEO, Founder, Medicine @Smart Reporting GmbH • Co-Founder

Smart Reporting – online platform for structured reporting in medicine


Hans-Christoph Becker Professor of Radiology at Stanford University School of Medicine recommended Smart Reporting GmbH where Wieland is Co-Founder

In Radiology, there is a large trend towards criteria and structured reporting. Current practice of reporting in radiology is based on free-text reporting. However, free-text reports are difficult to standardize and to check for quality control. Smart Reporting has a interesting approach to structured reporting by creating an online platform which can be combined with different RIS/PACS systems and has promising technology for converting medical checklists into text reports, store data into medical databases and adjusting templates for individual needs. I personally learned to know the team of 4 founders and several co-workers who started this exciting project. I am professor of Radiology at the Stanford University and I strongly recommend to adjust their platform to the US. To my knowledge there is no comparable system available on the market as of now.

Pablo Ros Theodore J. Castele University Professor and Chairman, Department of Radiology at Case Western Reserve University recommended Smart Reporting GmbH where Wieland is Co-Founder

This is to provide strong support for QMedify’s initiative to make its Smart Radiology software available in the U.S. market. Smart Radiology has an enormous potential to change both the production and analysis of radiology reports. This product may become a key player in the emerging market of structured reporting in medical imaging and beyond. The Smart Radiology platform expands on the structured decision tree concept introduced by RSNA’s RadReport adding an intelligent generator of report texts that can be directly used in clinical routine. Furthermore, the platform analyzes report statistics and provides information boxes at relevant decision nodes. Overall, Smart Radiology is an highly innovative and timely product excellent to release in the United States. I’d be delighted to use it to control and improve report quality of a large radiology department such as ours.