Will Goodwin

Will Goodwin

Recent graduate hoping to make an impact.
Financial • Data Science
Bath, UK
  • Asset Management
  • Investment Banking
  • Machine Learning

Hede • Co-Founder

Hedge App

CEO @Hedge App • Co-Founder

We connect millennials spare change to thematic investment funds.

Jupiter Asset Management

Research Intern @Jupiter Asset Management

Jun '17 - Aug '17 (2 months)

Royal Bank of Canada Capital Markets

Intern @Royal Bank of Canada Capital Markets

Jun '16 - Aug '16 (2 months)

Amazing things Will's made
Whilst at University I built a computer program using Python that modelled the 2D Ising Model, a theoretical model that can predict the magnetic strength of a compound at different temperatures. I built algorithms to measure the size of the magnetic clusters that formed as well as how the electrons interacted with their nearest neighbours. I modelled the thermal and quantum interaction between the electrons to find the Curie point and Critical Temperature of compounds. Finally, I modelled the magnetic hysteresis that occurs due to different behaviour of materials when heated or cooled.
University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge

Physics Oct 2014 - Jun 2017