William Gomez

William Gomez

Chemical Engineer by training, and security vigilante by night. Knowledgeable in card transaction systems and real time prevention tech.
General Business
Houston, US
  • Business Process
  • Credit Cards
  • Prevention
  • Security
  • Technology Development
Epic One Texas

Cofounder & CEO @Epic One Texas • Co-Founder

We make credit card data useless to hackers and thieves to prevent fraud.

Amazing things William's made
My brother and I built a real time reaction engine using augmented reality. This product was sold to a university to visualize the mechanism taking place during a reaction. For example, you could see the mechanism between a hydrogen molecule and an oxygen molecule reacting with each other. This product becomes incredibly important when you're watching a Grignard reaction. In this scenario, it becomes very difficult to visualize this reaction take place without the aid of 3d visualization technology. The beauty of this product is that we built a reaction engine which allowed us to program various different molecules reacting with others under the correct mechanism so that the student can see the reaction in 3d space on their desk using augmented reality.
University of Houston

University of Houston

Chemical Engineering Aug 2004 - Dec 2009


Andy Ambrose Co-Founder, CEO at Liveoak Technologies, Inc. recommended Epic One Texas where William is Co-Founder

Epic One has some very cool technology backed by an IP portfolio - and more importantly - led by a very motivated and capable team. What I particularly see in William, is his passion and work ethic, along with the ability to be coachable. As a TechStars Alum, I believe William/Epic One would be an amazing fit for an accelerator and would gain more out of the program than any other entrepreneur/startup that I know. I highly recommend these guys!