William Muir

William Muir

Lawyer (Ontario, Canada), Innovator, Product designer
General Business
Toronto, Canada
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CPO @Paqt • Co-Founder

Paqt - the Negotiation and Agreement Platform

Amazing things William's made
Blake, Cassels, & Graydon LLP Prize in Taxation for Fall 2013-14 - Course prize for 1st place standing in Canadian Income Tax, a class of 92 students.

Co-Editor-In-Chief of Vol. 73 of the University of Toronto Faculty of Law Review.

Publications: William Muir, “Class AMPs: Withdrawing the Corporate Veil on Judgment Proofing” (2014)
UT Fac L Rev 72(2).
- Martin L. Friedland Prize for best article of the year written for Volume 72 of the University of Toronto Faculty of Law Review (UTFLR)
- Presented the publication at the 2014 Canadian Law and Economics Association (CLEA) conference

SSHRC Joseph-Armand Bombardier Master’s Research Scholarship ($17,500) - Awarded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.
University of Toronto Faculty of Law

University of Toronto Faculty of Law

Law Sep 2012 - Jun 2015

University of Toronto

University of Toronto

Economics Aug 2011 - Aug 2012

Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University

Economics Sep 2008 - Jun 2011


Craig Major The Startup Coach at TorontoStarts recommended Paqt where William is Co-Founder

Anatolii and the team at Paqt are taking a unique approach to solve a problem most business have. After just a few conversations I am impressed with their ability to follow the data, take critical feedback and adjust. This is a company to be watched.

David Magaya recommended Paqt where William is Co-Founder

This is definitely the beginning of a true market disruptor. Our experience has been great so far and as a small business owner myself this could play a big part in our future negotiations with clients and contractors. Look forward to seeing where Anatolii and his talented team take this.

Anna Artamonova recommended Paqt where William is Co-Founder

Hi! I’m Anna, CEO of Ukrainian sleepwear brand. And I’m here to give thanks, since I believe this app is really helpful for us these days. Furthermore, it helps us to streamline our business processes and even to expedite negotiations with suppliers of fabrics. Thus, I am looking forward to start using your full version! Wishing you productivity!

Vladyslav Chebotarov recommended Paqt where William is Co-Founder

Anatolii and his team came up with a wonderful project. I believe this team is looking to the future, and they have every chance to simplify the bureaucratic mechanisms of business processes and to accelerate the movement towards digitalization of transactions. Today this is especially true when, in connection with the pandemic, we are faced with the situation that we must conduct business from home. This team needs a strategist and funding. I am absolutely sure that there is a future for this and this team deserves your attention.

Eduard Deych recommended Paqt where William is Co-Founder

Looking forward to get access to the Paqt tools to make communication with our partners faster, more efficient, and clear. I hope more and more organizations will introduce this app to their operations so that it is easier to integrate all the possibilities it gives during closing deals.

Tiffany Che-Yue Lam recommended Paqt where William is Co-Founder

I’m a software developer during the day and create websites for small businesses as a side hustle.

I can totally see how Paqt is going to be a handy tool for us freelancers: it saves time on operational/admin tasks, and serves as a neater solution as all client conversations/ agreements/ invoices can be kept securely in one place. No more jumping back and forth between Google Drive (e.g. for agreement templates) and different chat apps.

Smart freelancers will use Paqt. Spend less time on the admin tasks, and use that time and energy instead to make more deals or make their work/ personal brands better.

Rick Bose recommended Paqt where William is Co-Founder

I came to learn about Paqt through Anatolii in 2019, when he shared the concept of the platform. I have to say that I was thoroughly impressed with its ability to provide a single platform to seamlessly perform secure business transactions. I can see a tremendous potential for this platform to grow among small businesses and freelancers as it will provide them massive time-savings on having all the information in one place (records, contracts, invoices, etc.) This is a pragmatic concept in this age of mass digitization and I hope to see it help innovate the secure digital communications industry in the coming years!

Aaron Baer recommended Paqt where William is Co-Founder

Has the makings of a really impressive tool to help parties reach binding and enforceable agreements.

Fyodor Suzdalev recommended Paqt where William is Co-Founder

Digitalization and speed of communications put new requirements on deal-making. Paqt uses Digital ID, Blockchain, general chat-app capabilities, in-chat payments, and legal know-how to solve the problem of unreliable chat-apps for external business communication. I know Anatolii as a young and innovative person who would like to make small business negotiations and deals more transparent and easier bringing more trust for all parties.

Matt Belbeck recommended Paqt where William is Co-Founder

I am more than happy to recommend Paqt. They are building a unique, chat-based solution to support accessibility to high quality legal solutions. What's particularly impressive about Paqt is their willingness to use client / prospective client feedback as the basis for their product development efforts. I am excited to see how the Paqt solution continues to evolve!

Yuna Shaikhaliieva recommended Paqt where William is Co-Founder

I worked with Anatolii on different international projects and can say with confidence that he always showed excellent organizational skills, interest in innovation, an original approach to solving problems.
I`m impressed with te Paqt app that Anatolii created with his team. It`s very useful nowadays, helps to keep confidentiality inside the business, what is very important. Sure, they will achieve they will reach great heights with this app.

Anton Iakovenko recommended Paqt where William is Co-Founder

Incredible tool. I found Paqt very easy to work with. I've tested the beta version it and it's amazing. Hugely recommended for everyone who deals with online agreements! Great potential to become a perfect tool for freelancers!

Jennifer Reedie Marketing at Paqt recommended Paqt where William is Co-Founder

Anatolii is dedicated to seeing his chatbot succeed and I believe Paqt has the potential to be an essential tool for business. It streamlines communications, transactions and legal digital documents through a secure platform. Great for freelancers and service providers from all industries.

Finhas Jhaveri, MBA recommended Paqt where William is Co-Founder

This tool would have great use cases for B2C market where the complexity of agreements are standardized and don't change too often

Denys Titoruk recommended Paqt where William is Co-Founder

I had an honor to be among the very first people to get an account on Paqt and enjoy all the unique benefits of this cutting-edge platform. It makes legal negotiating and signing agreements extremely easy. Paqt team has full potential to break the ground of the legal world!

Benjamin Waksmunski Marketing at Paqt recommended Paqt where William is Co-Founder

I came across PAQT as a product manager browsing Reddit's "help grow my business" subreddit.  As a product manager and as someone who has engaged in numerous real estate transactions and manages a portfolio of rentals, I recognized PAQT as a valuable tool for writing and maintaining agreements, as well as a tool for building a persisting record of communications. 

The PAQT product is powerful for any freelancer, small business, or even mid-sized business that needs a seamless way to not only bring in multiple parties to modify and negotiate contracts, but also that also needs a frictionless way to CYA when inevitably a contract dispute occurs.  For companies that can't afford in-house counsel and third party management, PAQT provides a platform that genuinely mitigates risk.  And while risk management is not the most appealing business in the land, no small business owner wants to be bogged down with the headaches that come with lost contracts or "he said, she said" scenarios.

Will Greenblatt recommended Paqt where William is Co-Founder

Paqt has a brilliantly elegant solution to a problem I've always had as a business owner but didn't think could be fixed. Anatolii is the real deal having spent years in compliance and AML, so I know everything he does is from experience. Very excited to see what they can do and to buy from them as soon as possible!

Ilia Olabin recommended Paqt where William is Co-Founder

I worked with Anatolii on a few different projects and can assure he always put something of himself into every job he does. Anatolii has invested a lot of time in Paqt and for me it is a great proof that he worked, tested, refined each detail of the app and each idea before its implementation. Paqt itself is an absolutely game-changing technology, which time has come.

Adam Ramm CEO at Involve Design Inc. recommended Paqt where William is Co-Founder

Paqt is full of potential, and I've been impressed with Anatolii's openness to feedback and drive for solving real customer problems. I believe with the right guidance and support, Paqt can disrupt how B2B external communication works today, making contract negotiation as simple as a conversation. I could see using a service such as this to make my consulting practice's agreements less burdensome for clients and myself to manage.

Nargiz Mammadova Founder & CEO at Destin AI recommended Paqt where William is Co-Founder

Anatolii is a dedicated and smart individual. He reached out to me for feedback for his startup a year ago, since then he progressed a lot and impressed me with his persistence. I believe he and his team deserve a chance to he considered for Techstars. With guidance their company can become a success as he is adaptable to change and open for new ways of approaching business.