Word is bond....
Word is bond.
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Jorge Segui
Pedro Nieto
Pedro Nieto Founding Partner & Principal of Word Capital


Kevin Toomey

I am fortunate to have a unique perspective on the growth and direction of Word Capital. Andy and I met during our first year at Colgate in 2003. Ten years later, my firm and I provided legal counsel to Andy and Pedro in connection with the formation of Word Capital. Throughout a challenging process that required balancing stubborn regulators and limited resources common to start-up funds, Andy and Pedro demonstrated a passion and charisma like none I have experienced. Their unwillingness to sacrifice even an inch of their vision puts Word Capital in a class of their own.

We provide counsel to many financial institutions and funds, both large and small, and few share the determination to drive change in the financial industry like Word Capital. I consider Andy, Pedro, and Word Capital among my most enjoyable clients to work with, and I'm certain that if their success amounts to even a fraction of the effort they continue to put in, we will all be hearing a lot more about Word Capital.

Jared Langerman

A number of years ago I sat with Andy in a coffee shop as he outlined to me his plan to revolutionize the financial industry. He knew exactly what he didn’t like about the current system, but rather than complain, he sought solutions. He is never afraid to challenge the status quo, which I believe is exactly what led to the inception of Word Capital. There are people who talk, and there are people who act. Andy acts. His work ethic is absolutely unparalleled. He believes there is nothing he can’t do, yet does so with tremendous humility. I tell all my friends about Andy because he is that special. Not only is he my best friend but he is also my biggest source of motivation. Word Capital is about transparency, creativity, challenging tradition, and perhaps most importantly, results. I have no doubt Andy and Word Capital are going to the top.

Eli Meyers

I was Freshman year roommates with Andy at Colgate and we have been good friends since. I can't say enough about Andy, both as a person and a professional.

Andy is very passionate with everything he gets involved with. He has a great talent for breaking down complex issues. Andy is also not scared to take on big tasks which is why he will succeed in any endeavor.

Carly Holden

Having known Andy since our first year at Colgate, we have seen each other’s interests grow, change, evolve, and turn into careers. As someone who has been in the same industry for 5 years, what I find inspiring about Andy is his fearlessness when it comes to diving head first into new challenges, adapting his skill set to new fields of interest, or ultimately, shaping his own company. Some people would interpret Andy's vast interests, perhaps, as lack of focus. Not so. A strategic and dynamic thinker, Andy spent a handful of years outlining his vision for Word Capital. His goals were clear; he didn’t like what he saw in the financial services industry, so why not change the way the game is played? In the time since Pedro and Andy conceptualized their fund, they have gained traction in the industry, but the one thing I’ve never heard waiver is their commitment to transparency for investors. I believe they are on the forefront of what will be serious change within the financial sector.