Yacine Merzouk

Yacine Merzouk

CEO at Zendy Web Studio. Lover of javascript, hockey, and cats.
Front End Dev • Back End Dev
Kapa'a, US
  • Business Management
  • Database Design
  • HTML + CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Meteor
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • System Administration

CTO @Tripidee • Co-Founder

Dream up, plan out, and share perfect trips.

Amazing things Yacine's made
I was the lead developer and sysadmin for hawaiilife.com - we aggregated MLS feeds and built an ajax-driven real estate search engine before it was cool.

My bosses at the time (mid 2000s) told me that blogging was a thing and people were making money from it. As an experiment, I started a blog, grew it until it was the biggest in its niche, then sold it.

I now own and run Zendy Web Studio - a web design & development shop in Kapa'a, HI. When I started the business, I could not afford to pay "real" developers so I trained the staff in-house, in effect running my own coding & design bootcamp. Each employee (now a staff of 2) is paid for 6 months to learn coding at minimum salary, then they work for me for an extra 18 months at a salary that is (way) under market value. They get a career. Zendy Web Studio gets a competent staff. Win-win!

I also designed, engineering, and launched an escape room business with my wife and Tripidee co-founder: Kauai Escape Room.