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Yotam Idan

A "people person" with a creative thinking and analytic view of the world ,B.A in Communications and Entrepreneurship, realistic optimist
Back End Dev • General Business
Herzliyya, Israel
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Warehousing
  • Databases
  • Entrepreneur
  • Management
  • Product Management
  • Ruby on Rails
  • SQL
  • Start-ups
  • Web Development

CEO @WeTrip • Co-Founder

Redesigning the way people plan and book concept holidays with friends

Amazing things Yotam's made
In the past ten years I've been managing databases and developed many original features for different companies and agencies I've worked for. I can describe one particular development that I Initiated at Pontis - an Israeli company in the telecommunication space. They where paying around a million dollar yearly registration fee for a reporting system, that was underperforming in my opinion. I suggested my boss that we use a free reports tool - SSRS - and configure it to the Pontis systems. He told me that I'll need to make all the work because he couldn't get any resources for the task. For three month I've been designing the solution, coding in 3 new languages for me, and improved key features that were requested be one of our big customers. The result worked as expected, and we managed to save a big amount of wasted subscription fees to the old reporting system, while improving the reports in our systems. I presented the solution to the CEO and got recognition for it.

The Interdisciplinary Center

Zell Entrepreneurship program Aug 2014 - Jul 2015

The Interdisciplinary Center

Bachelor's degree in Communication and Media Studies 2011 - 2014


Mike Emery recommended WeTrip where Yotam is Co-Founder

I want to recommend WeSki to Techstars.

WeSki started life in the Zell Entrepreneurship Program at IDC Herzeliya, Israel - now a world-renowned course that's helped to create over 70 sustainable businesses and many millions of dollars in exits and value creation for their stakeholders.

After 15 years of helping to teach and provide programs for Entrepreneurs at graduate and postgraduate level, I can tell that you Yotam, David and WeSki certainly have the passion, tenacity and market understanding to go to the next stage and become a real success.

Mike Emery
CEO Brand Economix (London & Tel Aviv)
Associate Professor, IDC Herzeliya, Israel

Liat Aaronson Partner at Marker LLC recommended WeTrip where Yotam is Co-Founder

Great team, great energy and a great vision for a real market need. WeSki was created in the Zell Program which I ran for ten years, I had the privilege of getting to know Yotam and David in that context and am honored to mentor them going forward in the incredible development WeSki has made since program end (both in terms of technology and business development). They were able to close deals with local and international partners with exceptional results and concurrently build the tech platform for the offering. Am a mentor in TechStars and an avid supporter (helped TechStars Israel get off the ground), and feel this is a great fit on both ends. Incidentally, this would be the second team at TechStars from our lot (eRated last year in London). Techstars is the perfect platform to enable WeSki to scale and grow.
Liat Aaronson, Partner Marker LLC, Chairwoman Zell Entrepreneurship Program, Huge supporter of Yotam and David

Eyal Gura Advisory Board at Tmura - The Israeli Public Service Venture Fund recommended WeTrip where Yotam is Co-Founder

I first met David and Yotam 2 years ago, in the application process for the Zell program where I am a faculty member. As part of the Zell alumni interviews. both of them made a good impression on me back them and I recommended them to enter the program. During that 1- year program, I met the teams every month for practicing board meetings. I can say that as a mentor and alumni, I saw both founders learning from each meeting we had and applying our tips and directions until they could reach a smart decision point. They picked a venture that both are passioned about and one that they can execute well. In our meetings, we've talked a lot on the U.K market and how can their needs be tested - The team worked on a manual MVP & FB marketing for two months and showed many interesting insights . Weski has made a lot of progress since : recruiting a team pre-investment, collaboration deals, and the needed technical formations for their product. Eyal Gura - chairman Zebra-med

Eyal Maoz recommended WeTrip where Yotam is Co-Founder

My acquaintance with WeSki began when I taught the founders in my Marketing Strategy course at the Interdisciplinary Center in Israel. They were enrolled in the prestigious Zell Entrepreneurship Program – undoubtedly the best such program in the country. Over the year of the program I met with the team regularly and was delighted to see their idea bloom into a concreate and research validated concept.
David and Yotam are now attempting to take their company to market and are doing so with zeal and talent. I’m sure they have a real chance to create an outstanding and long lasting venture and that they are a perfect fit for TechStars!

Eyal Maoz
Visiting Professor of Marketing
Marketing Dept.
Kellogg School of Management
Northwestern University

Yoav Artzi Artist and Creative at Artzi recommended WeTrip where Yotam is Co-Founder

I know the founders of WeSki since my days as a student in the IDC. Yotam was a year below me in communication studies and he consulted me every now and then about future decisions and on the Zell program application, since I am an alumni of the program. I saw their development process throughout their Zell year and was impressed by their vision and enthusiasm.

Weski in my opinion is answering a strong and challenging problem, but as I seen the team grow from zero, I believe they will succeed in making that challenge and create a viable business.

From my passed experience in TechStars London I recommend the WeSki team to enter the program, I am sure the program will benefit from their unique energies and their wisdom in different fields.

Yoav Arzi, Co-Founder and Head of Product at eRated