About You (Must be completed by Active SDSU Student, Staff, or Faculty). Your team must have at least one active SDSU member at all times to be able to particpate in our program. While you can apply with only ONE team member. Having at least one other team member with a complementary skill set (acedemic background) is EXTREMELY advantageous.

Referrals and Other Info



Competition/Alternatives - If this section is not FULLY complete, your application will not be evaluated.

Make sure your answer includes for EACH competitor: 1> Briefly name and describe your competitor 2> Briefly tell us how this competitor FALLS to solve the customer's problem that you have identifed above 3> Briefly tell us how YOUR SOLUTION uniquely solves the customer's problem that you have identied above NOTE: A competitor may include a company, group of companies and/or how the customer goes about solving it TODAY

Feasibility to enter the ZIP Launchpad will be considered based on three areas.


While one person can apply to the Launchpad, we strongly encourage teams to have at least two members with complementary skill sets. If you would like to join an existing ZIP Launchpad team, visit this the "Join A Team" page on our website: