Zoe Lloyd

Zoe Lloyd

Zoë Lloyd Geller is the Founder & CEO of Zoni Foods dba wildkind foods
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New Haven, US
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wildkind foods

CEO @wildkind foods • Employee

May '19 - Present (1 year 9 months)


CEO @wildkind • Co-Founder

We make it easy to eat delicious, nourishing, plant-based foods.

Zoni Foods

Zoni Foods • Co-Founder

Amazing things Zoe's made
Zoe Lloyd, Founder and CEO, was the 3rd employee at Common Market, a mission-driven local food distributor, where she managed the rapid growth of the organization from $100,000 to $2M in sales in just under 3 years. She has a background in start-up wholesale food distribution, supply chain management, and brand strategy. She is a graduate of the Yale School of Management and the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. She leads and manages wildkind foods' strategy, sales, operations, and fundraising.
Yale University

Yale University

Business & Environmental Management Sep 2014 - May 2017

Haverford College

Haverford College

Environmental Studies Aug 2005 - May 2009


Gigi Lee Chang Board Member and Advisor at Multiple companies recommended wildkind where Zoe is Co-Founder

It's been a pleasure to watch the evolution of both the business and Zoe as an entrepreneur. Zoe is committed to her mission but open to feedback and taking input to make her business and ideas better. Whenever confronted with obstacles, Zoe is tenacious in her desire to understand ways to not only solve the issue at hand but to also to position her company for success. She has been thoughtful, persistent, dedicated and creative in her efforts and I look forward to watching her scale and grow her business.

Jennifer McFadden recommended wildkind where Zoe is Co-Founder

It has been a great pleasure to watch Zoe evolve as an entrepreneur over the past two years. Her vision to radically reshape the frozen food aisle is rooted in the Zoni philosophy of making it easier for people to incorporate healthy, plant-based meals into their busy lives. Zoe has done considerable research to understand her end consumer and to build a product that will stand out in the market. Her goal is to own the frozen food aisle and then expand into new products that incorporate the Zoni philosophy: that eating healthy, plant-based meals should be fun, easy, affordable and delicious. As an entrepreneur, Zoe has been creative, resilient, thoughtful, and persistent. She has the ability to craft and sell a long-term vision for a company, and the fortitude and focus to execute every day to achieve that vision. I have no doubt that she has the skills and drive to build a large-scale organization and look forward to watching her continued success.

Seth Goldman recommended wildkind where Zoe is Co-Founder

Over the past two years I’ve enjoyed seeing Zoni Foods emerge from a class project into a real functioning business – a path that certainly worked well for Honest Tea. During this time, Zoe has continued to refine the meals, the packaging and the brand to the point where she has developed a well-designed proposition. I’ve warned Zoe, and any other entrepreneur who is willing to listen, that the food business is not for the faint of heart – just when you finish begging a manufacturer to help make your product, you are subject to the mercy of distributors and retailers. I’m glad to say I haven’t managed to scare Zoe off yet. She has the right combination of passion and commitment, and Yale School of Management to make her an effective leader for this enterprise.

Barry Nalebuff recommended wildkind where Zoe is Co-Founder

As the cofounder of Honest Tea and two other healthy-food companies, I have a good sense of what products are needed in the market. I very much like the idea of a heathy, single-pan, quick serve, plant-based, frozen dinner. Consumers are seriously time crunched and also don’t have confidence in their ability to cook. In that light, Zoni Foods provide a high-quality, quick, idiot-proof, and even reasonably-priced option. Given my background, I have provided advice to Zoë in her development of Zoni Foods. I have been impressed by her resilience to see through her vision and her ability to design an attractive product. While success in this space is always hard, I think their vision, smart positioning, and product development show that they have what it takes to succeed. I hope you will help give them a leg up.

Ravi Dhar recommended wildkind where Zoe is Co-Founder

"Over the past year, I have helped advise Zoë on her development of the Zoni Foods' brand design, positioning, and packaging. I have been impressed with her ability to understand the benefits and tradeoffs of functional product features as well as brand positions / messaging. She has a keen understanding of who their early adopters are and how to appeal to a variety of consumer segments via marketing and go-to-market strategies. I see a huge opportunity for Zoni Foods by making microwaveable frozen meal kits that replace unhealthy, sodium-laden ramen noodle cups - similar to how Honest Tea re-imagined bottled tea with a less sweet version. I also see the opportunity for them to enter the B2B space by selling subscription meal kits to universities, colleges, and businesses that serve thousands of employees - allowing them to increase customer lifetime value and reduce distribution costs dramatically. Zoë and Nilofer have the complementary skills and persistence to succeed.

Maureen Burke recommended wildkind where Zoe is Co-Founder

This in support of Zoe Lloyd’s (Zoni Food) application for acceptance into the FoodFutureCo Inciubator. I started working with Zoe over a year ago, in a school independent study to develop the initial concept that evolved into Zoni Foods. From the beginning, Zoe was willing to get out there, pound the pavement, make cold calls, talk to store owners, talk to farmers (suppliers) to test her idea and her assumptions. And now there are Zoni products on shelves in four stores.
I have worked with many dozens of student entrepreneurs in my years at Yale. Zoe stands out in terms of her wonderful combination of persistence (working to fulfill her mission) and flexibility (listening to others that know more, to figure out how best to fulfill the mission). I continue to work with Zoe since the end of our independent study because I have such confidence in - and admiration for – her accomplishments and potential. It is people that make ventures work, or not – and Zoe has what it takes.